Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So maybe there isn't much going on to tell about, but this morning, something out of the ordinary happened! Elizabeth came in from Molly's pen in the pole barn yelling that she was having her puppies! We all ran out there to find 4 puppies. She just had to have them on the coldest night of the fall so was about 24 degrees. She didn't stop at 4 however, she kept at it until noon finally ending up with 11 puppies! She is tired out, but we have them in the heated garage and she is doing fine. We ended up with 5 blacks(3 girls and 2 boys) and 6 yellows(2 girls and 4 boys). So if you want a puppy....:) Oh and just for your information, that thing in the top left corner is a cow bone we got for her to chew on.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Can it really be October already? It feels like it, and looks like it, but the summer has gone way too fast. With school officially underway, breeding almost under our belts and the temperatures cooling down, the only thing I can say is yes. I do enjoy school and all that comes with that, but the bare foot weather and warm sunny days seem to be past us which is sad. We will soon have to haul out all the warm weather clothing and before we know it, winter will be upon us.

I have begun taking an agriculture class at the Career Center in a nearby town. It is a small class, but lots of fun. The "farm" that the Career Center is 180 acres, has several barns, a few hogs, sheep, pheasants, cows, and chickens. They keep 4H animals for kids that live in the city and also other animals for educational purposes. Tonight I am going to a farm to watch them AI(artificial inseminate)hogs! I am also hoping to join FFA through this.

We are also going to co-op classes with our homeschool group and I am taking a civics class and a Spanish class. I went to a VP museum in Indiana with my class on Monday and it was great! I left home at 7:45 and got to the museum at 10:00. There was a mock election and I ran but lost, I wasn't poplar enough. :) By the way, the Dan Quayle Museum is the only VP museum in America!

As for news on the farm, we have put in several news pens with concrete!!! The dairy barn is now completely closed up and the new pens are really nice. There are also 2 pens with concrete and 4 pens plus 4 kidding pens in the process in the dry barn. Breeding is going well with only a few more does to get yet. We are hoping to have all of our kids born by mid March next spring.

Not much else has been going on here. I will try to update more often from here on.

Till later,