About Me

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Bethany Schreur and I am a Christian farming 18 year old girl living in a pretty good sized family (depends who you ask).  I have 2 awesome parents who have pretty much taught me most of the stuff I know, 3 beautiful biological siblings and 2 amazing adopted siblings.  Our family also has been a foster family since the winter of 2009 and we have been blessed to help several children in need.

This blog was originally started as a farm blog.  While much of my life has to do with farming, I have expanded this blog to become my little diary, "keep-in-touch" with friends and family and just an amazing way to learn more about myself, God, and the world around me.

A little more about our farm:  Asher Acres was "founded" in 1993 by my parents, Jim and Sandy Schreur.  We then lived on a small farm of about 20 acres raising dairy goats and beef cattle.  In 2003 we moved out to a township that has no town, has a population of around 700, and everyone knows each other.  When we moved, we bought nothing more that a field and have built up since then.  We now own a beautiful ranch house with several outbuildings, pastures, hay fields, etc.  We own 30 acres here and rent about 12 for making hay.  We are now breeding and showing our dairy goats, breeding AKC registered Labrador Retrievers, raising Jersey heifers, grassfed beef, hogs, egg layers and meat birds, and milking a few dairy cattle.  The younger girls also have 3 horses for their enjoyment (for you horse lovers, we have a Quarter Horse gelding, Appaloosa mare and POA mare).  We also have about 20 acres that we are making hay on, both grass and alfalfa.  We make enough round bales for our cows and the rest....we do the hard way....square bales! :)

I am very involved in 4-H and FFA.  I show dairy goats, starter calves, and hogs in 4-H and show goats around the tri-state area.   I am the president of our swine 4-H club and and currently a Michigan FFA state officer.  While I was homeschooled, I attended agriculture classes daily at the career center which was my FFA chapter.  I am now attending a local community college where I am taking basic classes but looking at a major in political science. My hope is that someday I will be a wife and mother raising a godly family while being possible active in local government. 

Enjoy reading my blog and following along on my journey of life!

Humbly a servant of Christ,

P.S.  I love getting new followers and comments! :)