Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation, Celebration, and Relocation's been a while.  Life was working on getting itself back into a routine.  Wake up at 4:25 AM, make breakfast, pack a lunch for Daniel, send him off with a kiss and a hug and head back to bed until I feel like waking up (about 7:30ish).  I clean, find things to do, etc until he gets home around 4:30 and we eat dinner, enjoy time together, and go to bed.  Granted, I always found things to do.  We've found a wonderful church here and they've been keeping me busy. :)  I have found a job too and I plan to be starting there within the next week or so.  That is good, because....Daniel left for California today for about 6 weeks so I need to keep busy. Please pray that he has a safe trip there, and that I can maintain my sanity.  Thank the Lord for wonderful friends that I have met down here in NC.  :)

So....Daniel had a 96 (ie, about 96 hours of vacation time) over the 4th of July.  Monday after he got off around noon we packed up and headed down to Parris Island South Carolina.  Parris Island is where Daniel went to boot camp and I'd never been there before so it was something we both really wanted to do.  We got a pretty awesome hotel room with a jacoozi (did I just toally spell that wrong) and enjoyed a few days in the hot, sultry, humid, South Carolina.  Ok, we stayed inside most of the time. :)  We did walk around base and got to visit the museum there.  It was really neat to see what all the recruits go through to become Marines, and to watch my husband reminisce. :) Anyway, so we headed back to NC on the 4th around noon, making it back to Camp Lejeune in time for the celebrations to being there.  We met up with a bunch of people from church and sat out on the grass with hundreds of other people enjoying the music (live, recorded, and the Marine Corp Band), and awesome fireworks!  It was a great evening.  Then on Thursday, we started cleaning a trailer that we moved into on Saturday.  So yes, it's been pretty crazy around here. :) 

Anyway, here are a "few" pictures from the last few days.  Hope you enjoy them!

 Driving is so much fun!  The drive to SC was about 6 hours.
 In our room on our bed. felt good to lay down!
 Yes, I did take a picture of our KING sized bed at the hotel.  lol
 Isn't he so good lookin'!
 The swamps of Parris Island.
 The sign entering base.
 Driving along on base.
 Aren't the trees awesome?
 That's their trademark.  On Parris Island, They Make Marines. :)
 A bunch of recruits.
 This says it all.
 Traveling back, we stopped at the ruins of an old church and got some pictures. :)
 Our pizza from the night before warming up on the car engine.  Guess what, it worked!!!
 4th of July celebration with several young couples.  Let's see from left to right, been married 5 months, 6 months, 6 months, 2 years. :)
 Families from church enjoying the 4th of July
 So yesterday I woke up to see wild turkeys in my front yard.  Totally made my day. :)
 Pretty cool, huh?
Our new kitchen/dining room.
 Our new living room.
 A second view of our living room.
 We have an extra bedroom!!!
 View one of our bedroom.
 View two of our bedroom.
We have a front porch!!!  With a rocking chair!  :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Have a fantastic day.