Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life at its fullest is crazy.  Ever know that?  :D  Well ok so my life is crazy.  So a few weekends ago (as in, the 18th through 20th) I went through some of the awesomest interviews I've ever been through.  I ran for state officer in FFA.  This was one of my biggest dreams since I'd entered FFA.  However, while I was up there I got sick with the flu which kinda made that a disappointment.  Anyway I am still waiting to receive word on that.  So our ag issues is also going on to state through a long and tedious process.  So in 3 days we will be up at state convention which is when I find out about star, state officer, and compete with our contest!  So yes I've been busy.  Oh, and after I got home from my interviews I was sick for a whole week during which we received a lovely ice storm which took power out for nearly a week in our area.  Yay!  Thankfully we have a generator.  So there was like no school all week which was good because I wouldn't have gone anyway. :) 

Most recently, our kidding season has started!  And thankfully with a bang!  :)  Both Missy and Dixie decided to kid on the same day, last Wednesday.  Dixie kidded with twins, buck and a doe, and Missy had triplet does!  Alithia kidded Friday morning with a single buck kid (silly girl, and I was sure she'd have at least twins.  Thankfully he is REALLY nice.).  Yesterday Gala and a yearling kidded.  You see, Abigail and I are babysitting for some friends for the weekend so we haven't been home.  My dad said that a yearling kidded and we have 3 yearlings that look almost identical.  So hopefully none of the other ones kid before we get home so I know whose kid is whose. :D  She had a single buck.  Gala had triplets though, two does and a buck!  Our numbers are currently standing at 6 does and 4 bucks.  I think we are still waiting on 3 more for this week.  After those three kid (True, Athena, and the other yearling :D) then we'll have a break for a few weeks.  We have three or four more to kid in late March, two in April and one in May.  They are all so spread out but whatever.  Can't complain now! :)

So I have not forgotten about my Role of Women topic.  I've just been crazy busy.  Hopefully after State Convention I will have more time.  I know I will. :)  So just let me get through this week and I will get back to our original topic. 

Have a blessed rest of your weekend!