Monday, September 15, 2008

Michigan Storms

School has started!

Just an update so you don't all get worried! We managed to get through the large storms that rampaged most of Michigan without too much damage and we still have electricity! We did get some pretty high winds yesterday and with all that rain, I am going to say that is the closest I ever want to get to a hurricane! :) We got about 8.5 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday. We had flooding where we have never had it before and the river is very high.

Not much is going on here except for school. We are still breeding goats and I actually had Nibbles in with Allegro right now. We still have 3 Nubians and 3 Alpines for sale(one being a great buck) so if any one is interested, PLEASE let me know and I will get all the info to you.

We bought a laptop and computer last week and so we are trying to those in order. The laptop is mine for schoolwork, and it is too high tech for the schoolwork program, so we are going to have to buy a new program! :/ It is becoming quite a project!

Will write later,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Privilege of Homeschooling

Hello to everyone!
As homeschoolers, we have not yet started bookwork, but we are currently working on home education and throwing in a bit of this and that. For example, the other day we were canning tomatoes and Ben wanted to help. We taught him what halves, quarters and eighths were. He now knows how many pieces are in each. When a child learns at home, they learn in a way that helps them prepare for life, not just numbers that never do them any good. I may not know every algebra answer, but I know how to clean, cook and live in a family. I know how to garden, farm, bake bread and so much more. Being homeschooled is an amazing privilege and I love it. You would think that a 10th grader would want to be hanging out, shopping, and all that stuff, but I prefer to be home and homeschooled. I thank God for the liberty that we have in our country to be able to do this. So to all of you homeschool students, be thankful for this wonderful opportunity!

Here on the farm not much has changed since my last post. We have gotten lots of rain which we needed badly. The crops around here were doing so well this spring and now they are about half of what they would have been. Most of the crops look about ready to harvest and they shouldn't look like this until November. The soybeans may recover but the corn is looking pitiful.

Well, until next time!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September, Canning, and Goats

Sophie got into the toilet paper and saw dad coming and ran under the bed. When dad went back out, she poked her head out from under the bed and just sat there. If dad even came near the room she would pull it back under. It was really too funny!
The canning process in action! I am cutting up onions and they were really getting to me. Dad got a good one of me wiping my eyes.
Mom had her 20th year high school reunion. This is the field out behind the school(South Kentwood).
Elizabeth has been playing with Abigail's horse lately and really putting him in his place. In my opinion, we have a future horse shower on our hands! :)

September is a beautiful time of the year. It is cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, trees turning colors, farming and gardening coming to an end, and life settles down in a slower pace. However, canning comes and ruffles everything up. Just yesterday we canned pears, pickle relish and tomato soup. Today mom and a few of the girls and going to Meijer to get some pictures taken while Abigail and I make more tomato soup. We may also pick the beans and can more of them. There is still much to can and we have canned a ton already.

Goats also play a large part in September. Breeding is on the top of priorities right now for goats and trying to make the right cross between what doe and what buck is a hard decision. I also would like to announce to anyone interested, we are selling our Nubian herd. We have decided to prioritize and focus on the breeds we enjoy-Alpines and Lamanchas. I had really been looking forward to seeing all of these does freshen, so it is sort of sad to see them all go. If you are interested, contact me about prices and other important information.
Have a great day in September with your families!