Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LIfe has continued....

I was looking at my blog this morning and realized (with horror) that is has been nearly two whole months since I have posted anything.  Most of March and all of April has come and gone with complete silence from me.  I'm sorry.  However it has been a busy two months and I have appreciated the break.  I'll go back to March where I left off for a brief update on life here.

State Convention in March was amazing.  On the first morning, my ag issues team was given the chance to compete at state which was one of my goals for leadership contests.  Unfortunately we didn't make it out of the first round, though there was nothing to be ashamed of, as our performance was flawless.  I was just so thankful for how far we had come and so stinkin' proud of my whole team.  That evening, I was up on stage and received the state winner in ag-entrepeneurship.  It was pretty much the perfect end to the perfect day.  The next day, I received my proficiency awards, silver in dairy production, gold in ag sales, and state winner in specialty livestock production.  My goats were finally paying off....:)  That evening I went up on stage with my parents for Star in Ag-Business.  I was one of three state finalists in that area.  After hearing my SAE beside the others (girls who owned a lawn mowing business and a poultry processing business) I felt I didn't have a chance.  I was astonished when I heard my name called as the state winner in Ag-Business.  What an honor!  10 minutes later I was standing behind stage waiting to hear the state officer slate called.  'Sentinal', 'Reporter', 'Treasurer', 'Secretary', 'President'.  My name was not called.  I had not been slated.   My emotions went on a high right then and there.  Named a state winner, then not being slated.  Ouch.  I still had a chance though, and though my tears and prayers I lifted my head up and headed off to a dance with several hundred others FFA members. :)  The next day, it was time to choose state vice presidents (kind of like a representative for each region of the state).  I gave my speech and was honored to be named the 2011-2012 Region 1 State Vice-President.  I can't wait for the year ahead!  So I'll just say it again, State convention....was amazing. :)

Hearing my officer announcement :)
Receiving my proficiency for ag sales
Winning the state proficiency in specialty livestock production.
Gold State Degree recipients
Winning the Star in Agri-Business
 the 2011-2012 State Officer Team

Just about a week later I was off to another competition...this time non-FFA related, though through the ag program at center.  This was the regional competition fro Envirothon, some competition having to do with the environment.  Honestly, I'm not sure why I was thrown on the team, I'm not an environmental type of person.  I was allowed to do the 'sustainable ag' portion of the contest though and so it was pretty fun.  Anyway, my amazing team placed 2nd so we automatically moved on to state!  That competition is actually coming up in the second week of May!  I'm kinda excited about it! If nothing else, I get to spend some quality time with friends. :)

The first week of April I got my fair pigs!  Yay!!!  They look super duper awesome and I can't wait to show them at fair!  I actually bought gilts this year which is a first for me as I've always shown barrows.  I'm excited about it though!  Elizabeth is joining me showing pigs this year and she bought a barrow.  He's pretty nice too. :)  I also got my starter calf, he's an adorable little guy.  White face and almost all black.  Spunky as can be too.  I actually led him around the other day and he did quite well.

On April 15, I competed in ag skills contests.  These are more practical contests teaching, as the name says, skills.  I competed in the Marketing competition.  We didn't find out how we did until a few days later (after an long agonizing weekend!) but found out that we won state!  So now we are off to Nationals!  Those are this fall in October.  Sad part is, my two other teammates are off to college far away this fall so I have to find replacements.  :(  I'm working on it though and I think it will still be a fun and awesome experience.  I also had my first state officer meeting!!!  Woot!  It was fun setting out theme for the year and everything. 

Last but not least, I finished my year as a regional officer with regional camp just a week ago.  I did leadership training sessions for Vice-Presidents and got to work with FFA members for two long wonderful days.  It was a tiring experience but one I'll never forget.  It was sad to see my year over so quickly, but good to see it handed over to other new officers. 

On Asher Acres, we only have one more doe to kid.  We have had a total of 22 kids, 10 does and 12 bucks.  We were ahead does to bucks quite a bit until the last few does, both Sunshine and Thea had twin bucks. :p  It may be a blessing however, as we wouldn't be able to freshen them next spring anyway and now this way I don't have as many kids to feed all summer.

So I think that has everyone pretty well updated.  Other than school, graduation plans, finishing the school year, and finishing my year as chapter and regional officer, life is pretty much back into a pretty good routine.  Hopefully I can relax for a few more weeks before school gets out.  Then work, state officer stuff, showing and fair, and before I know it, college!

I'll do a post ASAP getting back on to my Role of Women topic.  I just thought I'd better get everyone updated on the goings on around here. :)

Have a wonderful beginning of the week!