Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My week....

Hey all!
I'm sure you are wondering where on earth I disappeared to. :D  Well the fact is, I'm still right here and I've just been pretty busy.  It's been a big FFA week for me, so I guess I'll take this post one day at a time. :)

Tuesday (as in, last Tuesday) - This was a crazy day, I had school to get done in the morning and I was also prepping for a 4H activity for our goat club that evening.  At 11:30 I left for the Careers Center and did our normal rounds there.  Right after school one of our teachers, a fellow student and I all took a nice hour and forty-five minute long ride up past Paw Paw.  There we had our regional officer interviews.  I am running for President, but I'll very likely be slated lower.  I won't know until mid - end of April.  I also have a quick testimony to share from this day.  On my way to school, I was going to call a dear friend of mine and ask her to pray for me during my interview.  I was nervous and hadn't ever been through an intense interview.  I didn't have her number on my cell phone though, so I just started praying myself (which I had been doing anyway).  I felt quite at peace during the rest of the day.  The next day I got a call from that friend and said that the afternoon before she had felt God telling her to pray for me.  She wasn't sure why, but she prayed anyway.  Isn't God awesome?!?!  Anyway, I got back home with barely any time to spare and we headed off for the 4H meeting which turned out to be a huge success!  Probably one of the better meetings we've had in a long time.  Finally, I think I'm starting to get it!  :)

Wednesday wasn't so busy, but I when I came home in the afternoon I wrote and gave a speech in about 15 min. in front of our homeschool group for our speech day.  It was about Ag Terrorism, mainly against PETA and HSUS.  I had someone ask at the end if I've ever thought about going into politics.  I responded with a vigorous nod. :P  No, really I've always been interested in politics, especially ag related.

Thursday, Chapter Officer Interviews!!!!  This was one of the more important interviews for me, for our home chapter.  Our chapter is one of the largest in the state, with close to 80 members!  The interviews were fun, way more fun than the Regional interviews, probably because I knew all the people interviewing me.

Friday!!!  This is when I found out that I was slated President/Vice President!  This is the only position where two people have a spot reserved for them, the two highest spots.  I was so excited!!!  You should have seen some of us, we were all acting kinda ditsy for a minute (honestly, I think I kinda surprised a few of the girls lol).  Right after school we did chores and met up with some friends to go pick up our dairy starter calves.  Rebekah and I are switching from selling market wethers to dairy starters this year.  We went to an awesome dairy where they milk about 3000 head.  I don't know why so many people target these commercial farms.  They always say the animals look unhappy, are unhealthy and the farms are dirty.  This place was spotless!  They had one of those merry-go-round milkers and it was amazingly clean and happy those cows looked!  I've never seen a small family farm with as much quality as this farm.  Anyway...... so we picked up two sweet little starter calves and they are now adjusting to a new life here on Asher Acres.  We also attended a friend's birthday party...happy late birthday Kassandra!

Saturday is our cleaning day here, so I got right to tackling the mess in the house.  I was done right at 9:30, which is when Dad and I went to pick up a friend and headed off to an auction about 15 min. away.  We were looking at a haybine, round bale feeder and a couple of hay wagons.  The haybine went for way more than we wanted to spend, we missed the round bale feeder, and the hay wagons all sold for $1000 a piece (and the high bidder took them all).  So, we ended up coming home with, a box of fencing staples that will probably last us a lifetime.  It was still fun to get out there again though and hang out at an auction.  I see why so many guys like to go weekend after weekend. :)  Anyway, then we headed off to my grandpa's 84th birthday party.  It was nice to see some of the family again and celebrate so many years of having such an awesome guy around.  Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Sunday Josh was throwing up and pretty sick, so we all stayed home from church (not wanting to spread the delightful bug).  It was raining as well, so we didn't do too much during the morning.  Mom, Abigail and I eventually went shopping  so that was a nice diversion. :)  It was kinda nice though to have a lazy day where no one does anything.

Monday, this was our voting day.  We all voted on President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and Sentinel.  Then we started the waiting game, and I don't think I've ever had such a long 24 hours.  :D  So, I took a nap, did chores, enjoyed some nice weather and went to bed.

Tuesday......FINALLY........RESULTS!  :P  You should have seen us as we all came into class, we were just about ready to do, I don't know what, but we weren't sure we could stand it anymore.  Finally they said them, I got Vice-President.  I was hoping for President, but Vice is pretty much just as good.  I'm happy, and I think we've got a GREAT lineup of officers this year.  Can't wait to start working with them!

So now you are all pretty much caught up on my doings around here.  I'll try to remain more faithful to my blog readers and hopefully even get a few pics up soon.  Maybe I'll post some of the kids and calves soon.  Just gotta git out my faithful little camera! :)

But now, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be the glory both now and forever.  Amen.  (1 Peter 3:18)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Milking test and Gatlin!

Milking test results are in!  I did the testing yesterday, feels good to have an idea as to what we are looking at from the girls.  I was pretty happy with the yearlings, especially Dixie.  Honey wasn't filling up like she usually does, so that may not be very accurate on hers.  Missy kidded with a single kid, so I'm actually quite happy that she's starting to up her production.  Sure, 8 pounds isn't the greatest, but she started the year out with giving next to nothing.  I'm very happy with Candie, Alithia and Gala.  Alithia gave a whole pound less in the evening milking, so I don't know what was up with that.  Hannah was just moved from her normal pen into a pen with some younger does so she's still adjusting, hense the low milk production.  Usually she's over 10 pounds.  Nibbles, well let's just say I weighed her milk because I could. :D  She was only 2 days fresh. :P

Milking Test
Name          Total Weight          Days Milking          # of
 Tea'              6.1#                              32                                  1       
Honey         5.8#                              35                                 1    
Dixie           7.3#                               31                                 1    

Missy         8.2#                               18                                 4    
Candie     13.7#                               23                                 2    
Alithia      11.4#                              27                                 2    
Gala       12.7#                               27                                 2   
Hannah        7.6#                               27                                 5        
Nibbles       5.4#                               2                                 7     

And for our most recent additions.....Gatlin kidded yesterday with twins, a buck and doe.   The buck came out well but I had to reposition the doe and pull her.  They are doing great though!

So how was everyone's weekends? Would love to hear from you!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nibbles and Maggie!

I'm sure you are all wondering when our next kids were coming. JK!  Actually, our next three does were due the 10th and 11th.  We waited, waited, and waited some more.  Finally, yesterday Nibbles kidded with twins, a doe and a buck!  Yeah, that was like 8 days late. :P  Today Maggie kidded with another set of twins....a doe and a buck!  I'm so excited about both of these (they are both mine :D) and I've been waiting 2 years for both does.  Last year they both had twin bucks.  Maggie's kids are both a lovely dark chamoisee.  I haven't had one of those in a LONG time!  Maggie was a grand total of 10 days late.  Whew!  That's a record I think.  They were monster kids too, but she had them all by herself. 

Gatlin was also due the 10th, so we're just waiting on her.  Now that we have some fresh hormones in the air it looks like it won't be long.  She's dropping her milk and is starting do all those funny things goats do when they are in labor. :D  Hopefully she'll go tonight or tomorrow.  Then it looks like we get another little break until Goldie and Thea' go.  Anyway, I'm kinda rambling on.  I'm sure you all want to see a pic of the newest babies. 

Sorry it's not the greatest quality.  The pictures don't do justice do their coloring.  The two on the right are Maggie's and the two on the left are Nibbles.  The white one is the buck and the light chamoisee is the doe.  Obviously the one standing is the doe and the one behind her, the buck.
Oh, and for all all those southerners who are enjoying beautiful warm weather, it's finally cold again here, unfortunately after we were spoiled with several days of lovely weather in the 60's.  :P

Well, that's all the news around here. 


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Being Saint Patricks day, I thought I'd post the little bit of Irish that I like....some bagpipe music. :)  Actually, it's just my favorite song played by bagpipes, Amazing Grace.  It's a beautiful song and the bagpipes seem to give it more meaning.  It plays a sad wail that turns into a triumphant march "when we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun".

Here are the lyrics to the beautiful song written by John Newton.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.

T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
And Grace, my fears relieved.
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed.

Through many dangers, toils and snares
I have already come;
'Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far
and Grace will lead me home.

When we've been here ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun.
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we've first begun.
 This video is also honoring those who have served our wonderful nation.  Remember them, as they have sacrificed so much for our freedom.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Hey folks! :D

Has anyone else been having beautiful weather like we have? Today the temps reached into the upper 50s....woohooo!  Haven't felt those temps in a long time.  I shooed all the animals outside for a while and they enjoyed some fresh air.  Hopefully this weather will stay around a while, but I'm hearing that by this weekend it's supposed to cool down, as in possibly some snow. :P  Oh well, we do live in Michigan.

I got some pictures and a video of the kids playing outside.  They are so cute!  Our oldest one is now over a month old...can you believe it!  Our youngest just left yesterday, so he's enjoying a new environment (we brought him to a local farm store where they sell them). 

Okay, you all ready for this one?  I got a new doe kid!!!!  You may remember Top, the doe kid that I bought last spring.  Last fall, she would not get bred, so I got a new doe kid in replacement.  She's a lovely little thing, quite correct and really really wide throughout.  I'm really looking forward to using her in our breeding program!  She's got some awesome lines in her,including Autumn Acres and Kastdemurs, so I'm really excited about her!  I'm thinking about naming her Jamirah.  Her mother's name is Jambalaya and her grandam's name is Jamboree.  What do you all think? :D
Enjoy your evening!


Alrighty, I should get scooting! Enjoy your evening!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week in Review

Hey all my blogging friends!  What a week it has been....with all the testing, FFA convention, etc.

Ok, so Tuesday morning I headed to our local school and took the ACT test.  English and Reading went fine (naturally for me).  Math and Science, not so well (again, natural for me :P).  I don't get the scores for a few more weeks, so we just wait until then.

Wednesday was the Work Keys Test.  This is a test that employers look at to make sure you are at least halfway intelligent. :D  This test in my opinion was the easiest of them all.  Applied math, reading comprehension and locating information is pretty simple in my opinion.  I was home around noon and then Abigail and I left about 12:30 to head into Lansing for the first day of FFA state convention!  We arrived right about 2:00 and got to watch one of out chapter members present her agri-science project.  I'm now getting pushed to do an agri-science project and am looking for good ideas....anyone? :D  Anyway, after that we went to a session where I received my WLC partial scholarship.  Washington Leadership Conference is a FFA conference in the Washington DC!!!  Wooohooo! :)  We ate dinner and then came back for another session where all of us juniors recieved our Outstanding Junior Award.  This award is based on grades, your SAE ( your agricultural project area) and your dedication (how many hours you work).  It was about 9:00 when that session was out and guess what we found when we got back to our car....a dead battery!  Yeah baby.  To make a long story short, we finally got it jumped and were on our way home.  It was about midnight when we finally hit the hay.

Thursday was the last day of testing!!!  This was more of a curriculum test based on public schools so it was a little more difficult for me.  Still, not near as difficult as the ACT obviously. There were a few things that made me what to growl such as evolution based questions, questions bent against agriculture, etc.  However, I can't do anything about it so I just did the best I could answering them.  This test was the shortest and my mom picked me up at 10:20.  We headed straight for Lansing where I was spending the night.  I got there at right about 12:00 sharp and had just enough time to change and get seated to receive my proficiency award.  This was the award that I was most excited about.  I received a silver award for my accomplishments on my farm, what I do, what I own, etc.  So anyway, that was fun!  Then we just got to sit through a session watching a bunch of other people receive their proficiency awards.  This is one of the biggest and most exciting award areas since it is based on each person's different SAE.  We went to several sessions during that day and got to see several chapter members up on stage!  Two were finalists for Star awards and the agri-science project made it on!  Pretty cool.  Anyway, it was late by the time we made it back to the hotel and I was bushed.  It was late, about 11:30 and I had to be up at 5:30 the next morning.  I was a delegate, so we had to be there early to vote for our new state officers.

Friday morning we were voting for state officers around 8:00 in the morning.  It was fun to be a voice for our whole chapter.  Then we sat through the last and final session where we saw on of our members become part of the new State Officer Team!!!  Go Karice!  We finally headed home around 1:00 stopping only for a few minutes to grab a bite to eat.  It was fun being with everyone during those few crazy days. I made it home right about 3:30.  Now, mind you I was supposed to be leaving in a 1/2 hour to go to the same campus (MSU) we had been on for a rodeo with friends!  I was also supposed to get chores done before I left. :P  Needless to say, we were late (my pet peeve that gets peeved frequently :P). It was a blast going with friends and having a relaxing evening at dinner and a youth rodeo.  Fun stuff!

Saturday morning I was up and around early as we Dad, Rebekah and I) had to leave at 7:30 to go BACK to MSU.  This was for the Spring Goat Day where I was to find out the results of the MDGS youth representative.  We also attended several great sessions such as "The Right to Farm" (looking at legislation), "Hay Quality", a few youth sessions, "Mastitis" and "Using Linear Appraisal Data".  Oh, and you are probably wondering how I did on the youth rep....I got runner up!  The girl who won it definitely deserved it.  She is the editor of the whole MDGS magazine and another magazine as well so she is very involved.

So today is going to be another busy day. :)  I'm going to be going to hopefully pick up a doe kid in replacement of one that I bought last year who wouldn't get bred.  I really like her a lot, but if she won't breed....kinda gotta git rid of her.  So anyway, that's the plan for now.

Here's a few pics of State Convention!
 Me receiving my WLC scholarship.  I'm the 5th from the left.
All the juniors with their Outstanding Junior Award!
 Just a few of the chapter members.
 Me! :D
Here's a video of some cowgirl roping! I believe this was in the junior division, so she's not even in high-school.

How did everyone's week go?


Monday, March 8, 2010

Missy & ACT/MME

Okay, so Missy kidded.  Yeah, that wasn't very enthusiastic was it? :D  Well, you gotta hear this story.  Okay, so Missy usually is huge during pregnancy and normally has nice big healthy twins.  She was nice and big this year as well, so I just figured it would be a repeat of the previous years.  Yesterday morning I noticed her starting to let down her milk, but there wasn't a ton so I just figured she wouldn't go until Monday or Tuesday or so.  ;P  I went out yesterday afternoon and noticed that she was pretty much going into labor (all the crazy stuff, except she was really crazy....she was madder 'n a hornet at the goats in the pen right next to her for doing absolutely nothing.  It really was pretty funny. :D  Okay, so anyway, she wasn't going all evening so we watched a movie....'till about 10:00.  Still hasn't gone, but I can tell she's really in a good labor.  So....Abigail and I had a "couch night" which consists of sleeping on couches in the living room since couches are easier than your bed to get out of in the middle of the night.  I checked her pretty regular every hour or so for a while, then slept in a little once and went out at 1:15 to find a lovely buck kid.  Okay.....but what's that hanging out of Missy (who by the way looks like she could still easily have one or even two more kids in her)?  Yeah, her afterbirth.  I'm like "you have got to be kidding me" (no pun intended).  Ummmm, yes that was it.  A single buck kid and a fat ol' goat.  The first words I said to my mom when I came in (she was up taking care of our mischievous little puppy) were "Missy is going on a diet and I'm going to make her work out."  lol  So anyway....that's that.  Oh, and one of the more exciting breedings for me (I was really looking forward to a doe out of this cross) is now crushed.  Well, that's a somewhat dramatic word, but anyway. 

So guess what's up this week.  #1.  ACT test!!!!  Yikes!!!  Not looking forward to it!!!  You get the idea?  #2.  MME test (some state test)!!!  Not so scary!!!  Still intense!!!  Two days of testing!!!  Another thing that I'm not exactly excited for!!!  Okay, and #3. FFA state convention!!!  This I AM excited about.  I'm receiving my Proficiency and Outstanding Junior Award on stage.  So, hopefully that will be fun amidst all the testing this week.

Oh, and I'm working up a series that I want to go through here on my blog.  It's about real women. :)  Still working on it though.  Not sure how I want to lay it out.  Pray for me!

A sis in Christ,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nice weather...and Lulu :)

I'm finally getting this up....Lulu kidded yesterday morning with twin bucks!  I don't have any pics of them....I'm sorry.  Maybe eventually I'll get some up, but we'll see.  Anyway, I'm not going to put up a pedigree for them....they are just going to be wethered anyway. 

But on to other things.....not much else is new around here.  We've had some lovely weather the last few days which is welcome after all the snow storms we had over the later part of last week.  Yesterday's high was somewhere around 40-45!!!  So beautiful!  We were all outside in sweatshirts and had all the barns opened up.  It was awesome!  Today wasn't quite as warm, but at least the sun was shining!  We took a walk but we didn't stay out too long, the wind was blowing and it was still pretty chilly out. 

Hope you all are staying warm! 


P.S. Welcome back home to Michigan my dear M friends!