Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is Mandie, a grandaughter of the 2005 National Chapion Lamancha/Best Udder! (if you want to see Slice, click here:

SGCH Kastdemur's Slice 3*M :: Kastdemur's Dairy Goats )We have been extremly greatful to have her added to our herd. We have shown her at each show we have attended and she has placed first many times. We would like to add a little size to her, though she has added a bit through the summer. We hope to have her in the show ring several times in the spring in a few states. She is bred to Tirade from Autumn Acres.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Sierra is a Nubian doe that is simply gorgeous. She has become one of Dad's favorite doe on the farm because of her beautiful coat and sweet disposition. She was shown 4x this year placing Reserve Champion 2x, 2nd 1x and 4th 1x. We were very happy to say the least. She is filling out nicely over the last few months after starting out slowly. We are excited to freshen her in the spring and think she is going to be a great 2 year old. We are planning to breed her with Staccato.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Gypsy is a beautiful Nubian that has astonished our whole family. She was given to us (for free!) by someone that wanted her to go to a good family. The first kidding (last year) she gave us quads and this spring freshened with a crazy kidding, but recovered quickly. We showed her for the first time this year and she took the ring. She won every class she was in and came out as Grand Champion at our county fair! She has really surprised us and we hope to show her frequently in the coming year. Her breeding is still being planned.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Natalia is Rachel's first doe. She is a cute doeling from a doe we sold this spring. Her twin was also sold. Her granddam is Nibbles. She was shown at the county fair and got first place in her age division though she could not compete with the older, freshened does. She was born late this spring, so she will be kept dry for 2008.


Rosemerry is one of Abigail's does. She was born this spring to Hannah. She was shown at our county fair and got Reserve Champion Junior doe! She is a very large growthy doeling, an exact copy of her dam. We hope to show her in the spring and keep a doe out of her. She is bred to Allegro for February kids.


Gatlin is a Chamoisee doe that we purchesed this spring from Autumn Acres. She has been a welcome addition to the farm. She placed 2nd in the Alpine division at our county fair this year. Abigail used her for showmanship and won 1st place in a large group of 12 people. She is bred to Allegro for February kids.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Missy is also my doe, and a flashy sundgau. I purchased her this spring from Autumn Acres, and have been very happy with her. She was shown this spring in a few shows, and was in large classes every time. I showed showmanship with her at the MDGS show and at our county fair. At the county fair I placed 1st and at the MDGS, 3rd. I hope to see a bit more size in her udder next spring as a 2nd freshener. She is bred to Allegro for February kids.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Loona is a beautiful, showy, heavy milk producing doe. We purchased her from Autumn Acres last week and are finding her a welcome addition to the farm. She was shown from there and placed quite well. She is very sweet tempered, and Abigail is thinking of using her as a showmanship goat next year. She will be bred to Allegro for March kids.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

This is Rose Hannah(though we just call her Hannah), Nibbles daughter from 2003. She is a registered as a Recorded Grade, but she is Alpine. Her daughter from this year is Rosemerry. She had triplets, and her sons were Grand Champion and Reserve Champion dairy market wethers. She was shown at the Calhoun County fair this year. Last year at the fair she was GRAND CHAMPION DAIRY DOE! Her mammary system was a bit off this year, but we hope it will shape up next year. She is breed to Allegro for February kids.


Here is Nibbles the 6 year old Alpine and matriarch of the herd. She is wonderfull, sweet and grumpy! She is my doe that I bought several years back and she is part of the farm. She is holding up very nicely, and I plan to show her several times next year. She was shown at the MDGS and GLOM shows this spring and got first place 2x, second place 1x and third place 1x. She is bred to Allegro for February kids.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today has been busy as always. I went with dad to work at a drywall job in Jackson. Ended up to be an awesome horse farm, so while working, I could look at Rocky Mountain or Kentucky Mountain horses! The greatest place to work! We had a goat go into heat today, (actually one that we are breeding for the Abigail Regan) so hopefully she is bred to BLACK JACK! Well, I hope to continue with this and get a few pictures on of the goats! Hope your day went well!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to Asher Acres

Welcome to the Asher Acres blog.

I am Bethany Schreur age 14, and I am the "secretary" of the farm. Asher Acres is named for Asher, one of the tribes of Israel. When Jacob, his father was blessing his sons, he said that Asher's food would be rich, he would provide food fit for a king. We own dairy and Boer goats, a dairy cow, a few beef cows, chickens, cats and our labs that we breed. Our dairy goat herd consists of mostly Alpines, but we have a few Lamanchas and Nubians.

My family is the Schreur family who live in southern MI. We are Jim, Sandy, Me, Abigail(13), Rachel(12), Rebekah(11), Elizabeth(6), and Benjamin(4). We children are homeschooled, and are busy during the fall/winter doing that. We also help take care of the animals, so the farm is a family endeavor.

We show our dairy goats, and I hope to post pictures and this years wins from the shows and fair we have attended. I hope you will check back frequently, as I hope to post often to let you know what a day on Asher Acres is like!


Our website is