Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to Asher Acres

Welcome to the Asher Acres blog.

I am Bethany Schreur age 14, and I am the "secretary" of the farm. Asher Acres is named for Asher, one of the tribes of Israel. When Jacob, his father was blessing his sons, he said that Asher's food would be rich, he would provide food fit for a king. We own dairy and Boer goats, a dairy cow, a few beef cows, chickens, cats and our labs that we breed. Our dairy goat herd consists of mostly Alpines, but we have a few Lamanchas and Nubians.

My family is the Schreur family who live in southern MI. We are Jim, Sandy, Me, Abigail(13), Rachel(12), Rebekah(11), Elizabeth(6), and Benjamin(4). We children are homeschooled, and are busy during the fall/winter doing that. We also help take care of the animals, so the farm is a family endeavor.

We show our dairy goats, and I hope to post pictures and this years wins from the shows and fair we have attended. I hope you will check back frequently, as I hope to post often to let you know what a day on Asher Acres is like!


Our website is www.asheracres.com