Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pre kidding update

No babies yet! I don't think it will be long though as a few of the boer goats are looking very close and Nibbles only has 3 days. All the pens are clean, all the medicines are here and ready. The babies just have to come, though it would be nice if this cold snap breaks first. It is 3 degrees right now, but the wind chill is -17! It has been like this all day with the wind howling around the house.
We have made several new pens in the pole barn along with a chick pen in the middle. Thankfully the chick pen is only temperary. The wood will be later used on more pens. We have decided to put all the milkers down in the dairy barn and all the kid, dry goats and boers will be in the pole barn.
We are also going to have a few goats that will be soy free. If you are interested in soy free goat milk, feel free to contact us. We also may be going soy free with our chickens. We are still looking into this, so it may be a few months before the soy free eggs may be available.

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