Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kidding Update

I have not updated in so long! It has been so busy around the farm that computer time is left to a minimum! We have all had the flu and babies have been jumping out of our ears! We had 26 kids in 16 days!!!! Mandie, Gypsy, and one Boer goat have to kid yet. They are spread out through the year. I am just going to post the dam's name and the kids next to her since we have so many. Keep it organised! Some of the kids don't have names yet, but I will put names where we have them!
Nibbles-2 bucks and a doe (Alithia, Alec and Avery)
Hannah-2 does and a buck (Camellia, Carlin and Chamomile)
Missy- 1 doe and 1 buck (Magnus Animus-Maggie and Dixon)
Loona-2 bucks and 1 doe (bucks no names, Luxuria-Lulu)
Rosemerry-1 doe and 1 buck( Miss Jessups Upright-Jessie and buck not named)
Gatlin-2 does( Galactorhea-Gala and Gabrielle-Gabby)
Ariel- 3 bucks (Bart, Bert and Bernie, Bart died)
Raggedy Ann-2 bucks(no names)
Bailey-1 doe(Hailey)
Moriah-2 bucks(no names)
Ginny- 1 buck and 1 doe (Pearl? and buck not named)
Brynna- 1 doe(not named)

We have quite a few wethers and a few doe kids for sale. If you are interested, you can contact us by our email address for more info.

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