Sunday, April 13, 2008

Update from the farm!

It has been so long since I last posted anything and now I have the camera get ready for a few pictures(if I can get them loaded)! As for news.....we almost lost good old Nibbles to Polio several weeks ago. She has hopped right back to it but has lost a lot of milk production and weight. She is getting kinda pampered right now so hopefully she won't be out for showing this year!

4 kittens were born last month. Unfortunately one died. They are doing quite well despite the fact that their father is their mother's brother and thus we have seen some defects. Example: 1 has only 3 legs. However, they are doing great.

Molly (the yellow lab) had her puppies! We have 3 yellow females and 4 black males. We had 5 black males....but it had a cleft lip and died. It was sad but we still have 7 other rolly, polly puppies! They are starting the walk around now and are so cute!

On the 9th of April Mom, Abigail and I went to the Homeschool Day at the Capitol. We were there all day and went to quite a few very interesting meetings. It was very educational and fun.

On the 4th of April I purchased my 4H hogs. They are still without names but are the funniest creatures! Well, actually their names are #8 and #11! Don't get attached right???!!! I love to take them out...if Abigail or Elizabeth is there to help! They don't walk nicely alone and if I try do it by myself...forget it! All in all they are turning out to be a great project though!

Sierra had her babies-twins! She had a doe and buck and they are turning out very nicely. We are really excited about our crop of kids this year. They are by far our best that we have ever had in all of our 13 years of having them! The buck is already sold(though still on our farm) but the doe is here to stay for awhile. She is the sweetest little thing!

Abigail and I have begun working for the year. We work at a farm about 5 miles away. We pick asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and help with little odd jobs around the farm such as staking tomatoes, baling straw and more. We are currently picking asparagus and hoping that it warms up. It has been so nasty lately!

Well, I will close here and hope to get a few pictures on really soon! Have a good day and week!

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ohhollyf said...

Wow, you really see the full cycle of growing, from fields to animals.
I like your blog, Holly
aka all2Jesus