Thursday, August 28, 2008

End of August update

Elizabeth did a fair project on horses and this was one of the pictures on it. She was showing how much food horses get and ways to feed them.
This is actually a picture from last year of when we camped outside in the fort. We kept that fire going all night!

So much has gone on in August, yet I have updated very little. The first few days of August we were camping at the R family annual camp which also happened to be on my birthday. After that was preparing for the fair which led right into fair! That was an extremely fun and busy week which will forever be embedded in my memory. I learned so much, met so many fun people and had so much fun that I hope next year will be just like it. It was a great week. The week after that, we started the whole canning process which we are still currently working on. We are only about 1/3 done and our pantry is about 1/2 full. :) Last Saturday we had a Schreur family reunion with the extended family. I met several people who I had only heard of and many who knew me yet I had no idea as to who they were! It was fun, especally since we were able to visit the Regan family at their fair on the way! This weekend Mom, Abigail, Rachel, Elizabeth and I are going to head back up to Grand Rapids area for Mom's 20th highschool reunion. We are going to stay at Grandpa and Grandma S's house on Saturday night. We should be home Sun. afternoon.

As for the farm updates, we have lost one of the calves most likely from selenium defficiency. It was sad, but it is something a farmer is used to.
Our goats are all going in heat and we are anniously awaiting Sept. to come so we can begin the whole breeding process. We are trying to prep them for breeding which makes chores longer and the feed bill higher, but we should get more kids and healthier does because of it.
We have 5 new kittens that were born while we were at the fair, each one looks different and are such unique colors. I will try to get pictures of them someday.

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