Tuesday, December 6, 2011

True Love

I'm sure you're all ready for a nice mushy gooshy wedding update at about this point, right?  I mean it has been how long since I've posted anything here. 

But yes, we are now only 17 days away from the 'Big Day' and I can hardly wait!  It has been super busy here, finding dresses, shoes, decorations, food for 300, and so much more!  Yet we are getting so close and I'm so thankful for a wonderful family has has been amazing through this whole experience. :)  Mom is getting the food, Abigail is overseeing the decoration, I am looking over the little details of the wedding (scripture, vows, bulletins, attendants for everything, music, etc) and it has been fun! 

I was priviledged to visit Daniel over Thanksgiving in North Carolina.  Let's just say....it was beautiful there.   I left Michigan when it was 28*F, dead and brown.  I arrived in NC where it was 75*F, sunny, and green.  Well....at least MI has season....:)  Anyway, it was a wonderful time and we were thankful for the few days that we had together. 

Getting to the real point of this post however. I have had several showers in the past month and at the first one all the ladies were asked to write down a piece of advice for the bride and groom to keep.  Later that afternoon I was going through them all and found them all very precious and something I will probably keep forever.  However, there was one that especially stuck out.

This note was from a sweet middle aged friend of the family.  She and her husband have two children in their young teens. She wrote:

"Have coca dates together and take time to snuggle with each other.  Take time for a silent I love you to share between you ~ three quick hand squeezes, I LOVE YOU. 

The woman's husband is dying of cancer.

When I saw this I knew THAT was the love that I want.  I think it's a love that comes from God, and a love that grows from patience, an unselfish love.  It also reminded me that time is short and we should make it sweet. 

So I encourage each one of you, if you have someone in your life to love (and it doesn't have to be a spouse, fiance, boyfriend, etc), to love them to the fullest today.  You never know how much time you have with them.  Life is short, so love with an unselfish and everlasting love. 

In Christ,


P.S.  Please keep that family in your prayers!


Marissa said...

Very good advice. I'll keep that in mind(:

Galloping Guitarist said...

That is awesome! I'm praying for you two as the day approaches.

Naomi T. said...

Cocoa dates are awesome. :) I will pray for this family.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your marriage!! How exciting :)

I married my wonderful husband less than 3 months ago & I love the advice you were given. I want to implement the "I love you" hand squeezes!

I am praying for this family & for you & your new husband!


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