Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Where am I in the World Today?

My life is crazy.  Ok, so from the 8th through the 20th of May I was rushing all across the state of Michigan enjoying time spent with FFA members all over for their end of the year banquets.  What a blast!  Lots of good food and excellent company!  BTW, I'm always amazed at the accomplishments of the members in this great organization.

 A few of us at Fremont!
 Two of the best friends I've made while in FFA....I'm going to miss them like crazy!
Visiting Grant!!!
Then at the end of the week my whole state officer team got to tour DTE energy (over on the east side of MI, consumers takes care of the west side) and got to see some pretty cool stuff in there.  Then that evening we got to stay in their suite at a Tigers game at Comerica Park!  Ok, I'm not a huge baseball fan but I couldn't complain.  It was 72*, our suite was right over home plate, it was sunny, we had all the food we could eat, and the Tigers won the game 6-0.  Cool stuff. :)  Then that night we stayed in the nicest hotel I've ever been in.  Anyway, it was a great way to end a great year.  It has been quite the experience getting to know 10 other girls and 1 guy and serve our state association members together.
What a year it's been!

On Saturday evening I headed back to Tekonsha to load up my car with the rest of my belongings, said goodbyes to my family and headed to Ohio.  There I picked up some other essentials (such as farm fresh meat) and said goodbye to everyone there in Tedrow.  Then off I headed to Columbus where Daniel's aunt and uncle were kind enough to let me stay the night.  Early Sunday morning (like 4:30 early) I woke up and hit the road, making it to Jacksonville NC by 3:30 PM.  So I am officially moved to NC and am enjoying the time we can spend together.  

Life is always changing and I'm not always sure where it will take me.  Being a Marine wife makes planning a challenge and I never know what is exactly going to happen.  But with God, unselfish love, and dedication to each other we will make it.  BTW, there are more details coming on this.....

Oh, and so on the 20th, my Dad, sisters, and Ben went to the first goat show of the year.  Things went fantastically to say the least.  My doe Thea (a three year old) went Grand Champion 2x and then Best in Show 2x as well.  This finished her (a doe needs 3 Grand Champions to finish), making her our first finished champion!  What an exciting weekend!  My 2 year old doe Athena was also looking great and went Reserve Champion 1x.  Elizabeth's doe kid out of Gala also did quite well going Grand Champion 1x.  Anyway, it was a good way to kick off the year there.  My dad also informed me that they are planning to head to Colorado now for the National show!  Sounds like fun to me....and hopefully our does will look good!

 Abigail cleaning up Athena.
 Elizabeth with our CHAMPION!  She showed her and did an amazing job.  Aren't they both beautiful! ;)

Anyway, so that's just an update on what my life has been like lately.  I'm starting to get into a bit of a routine and am still looking for a job (hopefully nannying).  God has been so good to me and I'm so thankful to Him.  To Him be the glory!

May you all have a blessed day.



Galloping Guitarist said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been busy! I love the pictures! Congrats on being all the way moved out.

-Emily said...

Thanks for the update!!! It's great to hear about your "new" life. :) Just reading that you are fully moved out suddenly made me miss you... like a lot more! I hope that things continue to go well and that you find a great job...hopefully you'll have your own babies to "nanny" before tooo long. ;) Keep us all up to date on how you are doing... we miss you!