Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold Michigan!

We have somehow been surviving the cold here. Yesterday morning it was -2, felt like -19! Buurrr! Right now it is 7, feels like -4. It is warming up a bit, but I still have to come in the house for water for the animals. We have a swamp behind our place, and it is frozen now. We have a huge place cleared out, so it is perfect. There are still plenty of trees to make it fun though. Zig zagging in and out of trees makes tag much more fun! There was a goat club 4H leaders meeting at our house last night which lasted till about quarter after 9, so I went to bed without really finding out was was accomplished. Tonight Abigail has a beef breeding 4H meeting, and tomorrow we have a goat 4H meeting. Lots of 4H this week, but this whole year promises to be full of it.
We are about over our colds and nobody appears to be coming down with anything else, so that is a blessing.

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