Friday, January 18, 2008

Just an Update!

Everything here is cold but beautiful. We have not yet lost any chicks and they are doing very well. I am thinking that the way they are growing, they are going to have to move from the small box they are in right now to something larger, and soon!
Yesterday was Mom's birthday, and Wednesday Mom and Dad went to Indiana and spent the night at a hotel there. They come home to a clean house(isn't that amazing!)last night around 4. We then had supper and had the birthday party.
Ariel, one of the Boer goats is about to kid. Probably within a week or two we should have some excitement. She has dropped her milk, so it can't be too long! We are all ready for something to happen here, as you all know, nothing ever does around here!(grin)
We all have colds, though I am almost over mine, and Dad is probably going to go to the doctor. He thinks he has a sinus infection. Hopefully he will get over that soon.
Hope this find everyone well!

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