Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MDGS show update

For the show update! It was a really interesting weekend. We got to the Ionia fairgrounds on Friday night around 8:00. We were going to leave earlier but we had a storm go through and had to wait for it to pass so we could load up. We got everyone settled in, then dad and all the little ones went into town to find some stuff we needed. Abigail and I stayed back to get some paperwork stuff worked out. By the time they got back I was in bed and about to go to sleep! I think we got to bed around 11:00. Saturday morning I was up at 5:00 getting everyone ready to show. There was a slight mess up so Ben had to show Milky Whey so Elizabeth could show Mindy. It worked out okay though. Because of the stress, Mandie(whom I was showing in showmanship) got diarrhea so I was walking around with wipes while waiting for showmanship. Rachel showed Milky Whey and Abigail was going to show Gatlin but Rebekah ended up needing her at the same time so she had to show Gala. Elizabeth won showmanship and Ben....well, we'll get to him in a minute. I am not sure what Rebekah placed since we were showing at the same time. In intermediate the judge pulled out 3 children. Unfortunately none of us got pulled out. And back to Ben, when the judge asked him what breed his goat was, he yelled out across the arena to dad, "what breed is she dad?"! Then when she asked he what her name was, he quickly responded "I don't know"! It was quite funny. The breed classes started around 9:30 or so. The youth show and regular show were going on at the same time so everything was really hectic. They showed everything in different order than usual so everyone was mixed up. We had a first place or two in youth show and a few in the regular. Jessie got 1st in the regular and went on to get reserve champion. The show didn't end until 8:00 that night! Everyone was extremely tired. We went to a treat from a fast food restaurant. When we got back I was already sleeping(when you drive out of the fairgrounds you are already in the town but we had to go a few minutes to get to McDonald's). I got to bed around 10. At 11:00 I awoke to Abigail talking to me and the wind blowing really hard. I went out to the van and asked Dad if we could move our stuff into the barn and sleep in there. He said we would be okay but to take the awning down. I was about to take it down when the whole tent blew down. I held it up and Abigail came to help me while the girls were getting out. We noticed Elizabeth wasn't there so Rachel went in there and found her still sleeping! She pulled her out and we rolled the tent up so it wouldn't blow away. Now, my glasses were still in there and Abigail had sat on top of the tent so it would stop blowing around. We we pulled the tent into the barn and frantically pulled stuff out. I still couldn't find my glasses so I just let it go and helped close the barn up. Then we pulled out our sleeping bags onto a cement slab in the barn and laid on that. I slept like a log until about 5:30. Then I woke up, fed all the goats and went back to sleep until 7:00. Then I woke up again and got dressed. The show started at 8 but I was ready with time to spare. I had to show the Alpine senior does and Mandie and then I had a while until I needed to show anything. We got everything packed up so that when we were done with the kids we could go. Finally junior does came. Abigail and Elizabeth showed our intermediate kids(Gala and Jessie). Gala placed 1st and Jessie placed 3rd. In the senior class(Alithia and Maggie) Alithia placed 3rd and Maggie placed 5th. Then the 2st place animals went back out and GALA WON 1st PLACE!!! Bad news.....we had to wait till the whole show was done so she could be shown in best of show. We got to show all of our other kids though. Mindie placed 2nd in a good sized class and our Recorded Grades places OK as well. Right as we were about to rained some more! And on the way home, we picked up two more Nubians(we got them for free, thank you Lakes!). We didn't get home till about 7 but it was a very memorable weekend.
Well, hope your week is going well!

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