Monday, September 15, 2008

Michigan Storms

School has started!

Just an update so you don't all get worried! We managed to get through the large storms that rampaged most of Michigan without too much damage and we still have electricity! We did get some pretty high winds yesterday and with all that rain, I am going to say that is the closest I ever want to get to a hurricane! :) We got about 8.5 inches of rain between Friday and Sunday. We had flooding where we have never had it before and the river is very high.

Not much is going on here except for school. We are still breeding goats and I actually had Nibbles in with Allegro right now. We still have 3 Nubians and 3 Alpines for sale(one being a great buck) so if any one is interested, PLEASE let me know and I will get all the info to you.

We bought a laptop and computer last week and so we are trying to those in order. The laptop is mine for schoolwork, and it is too high tech for the schoolwork program, so we are going to have to buy a new program! :/ It is becoming quite a project!

Will write later,

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