Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Privilege of Homeschooling

Hello to everyone!
As homeschoolers, we have not yet started bookwork, but we are currently working on home education and throwing in a bit of this and that. For example, the other day we were canning tomatoes and Ben wanted to help. We taught him what halves, quarters and eighths were. He now knows how many pieces are in each. When a child learns at home, they learn in a way that helps them prepare for life, not just numbers that never do them any good. I may not know every algebra answer, but I know how to clean, cook and live in a family. I know how to garden, farm, bake bread and so much more. Being homeschooled is an amazing privilege and I love it. You would think that a 10th grader would want to be hanging out, shopping, and all that stuff, but I prefer to be home and homeschooled. I thank God for the liberty that we have in our country to be able to do this. So to all of you homeschool students, be thankful for this wonderful opportunity!

Here on the farm not much has changed since my last post. We have gotten lots of rain which we needed badly. The crops around here were doing so well this spring and now they are about half of what they would have been. Most of the crops look about ready to harvest and they shouldn't look like this until November. The soybeans may recover but the corn is looking pitiful.

Well, until next time!

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mgirl said...

It's so wonderful to see a "youngster" recognize how wonderful it is to learn at home. I fought against it my senior year because it was a new thing for me and I was afraid I'd miss out on my friends. That was an awesome year, and made me determined to homeschool my children as well. Now my oldest child is the same age I was when I "came home" and he's been fortunate enough to always learn at home.