Saturday, June 6, 2009


Please keep this family in your prayers. This was from Kevin's blog:

This morning, around 4:25, Jonathan passed away. He went to be with Jesus. It came as a complete shock to us since he was getting so much better. In my twitter updates down and to the left, I have uploaded the last picture taken of him. Just click the link. My next post will be a tribute to him. Please pray for our family. I do not have too much time so goodbye all for now.

In Christ,

My brother Ryan has written the story of how it happened. Click here to read it.



Kevin Wegner said...

Thanks ever so much Bethany for your prayers.

Grace said...

I will pray for him

God Bless you!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Oh, Bethany, that must be so hard for them. Thanks for posting this so that more people will know. I'll keep them in my prayers.