Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just life

What a week it has been. I apologize for not getting a post up earlier but not too much new or crazy (though everything has been busy) has happened. However, yesterday was one of those days that just keeps moving all the way to the end.

Our day began for a few of us around 4:30. Dad and I both woke up, I headed outside to do chores as usual and about an hour later he left for town to pick up some supplies for his job and to head to work. The rest of the family was up around 6:00 and we at breakfast and did morning cleaning. I went off to work at 8:45 for our last day of picking asparagus!!! We have successfully finished and are now on to strawberries! Here at home though, Abigail began baking at 9:00 while mom got some of the younger ones started on schoolwork. She joined Abigail around noon. They baked lots of cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter and molasses), muffins (bran, blueberry and chocolate chip) and bread (wheat and white). We are going to two different markets today so hopefully all will go well. I was able to buy some of the last asparagus and pick some strawberries so we are bringing those as well.
I came home around 2:00 and Dad had been home and raked the hay which was now ready to bale so I grabbed a quick sandwich and smoothie, downed it real quick and headed out to bale. We only baled about 60 square bales just so we can get through to the second cutting which is much better quality hay. The rest we round baled. We got about 25 round bales so we are all set now on round bales for the winter. We did chores, then I helped package everything for the market. Dad had brought home some frozen pizzas so we stuck those in the oven and while we were eating we watched the Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Very interesting movie indeed. Jane Pittman was a slave as a young girl and lived into the 1960's. She was about 110 when she died.
So this morning I am just waking up to hear mom making cinnamon rolls for the market and I'm about ready to head out to do chores. I usually do them earlier (4:30) but we have a large milk pick up and I need all the milk I can get. :) We are headed off the the market's the morning and then later to my cousin's graduation open house. Just another busy weekend. I have to somehow get shaving goats for the show next weekend fit in too. ;)
Oh, and good news. We just started flushing our toilets! It's won't be long and I think we'll have everything hooked back up. I can't believe it's been 4 months! (since Feb.)
Well, have a great weekend! I'll be posting pictures I took yesterday later.

Also, today, on the anniversary of D-Day (the invasion of Normandy during WW2) I am posting a speech given by FDR on my other blog. Please go listen to it. It's really good.

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Jenna said...

What a busy last couple of days Bethany! You are so amazing:)

We watched the autobiography of Jane Pittman a couple months ago...very sad I think.

Have a great day at the markets, and and we'll see you in 6 days!!!

Love always,