Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beef Expo, New Kid, and Hair!

  Hey everybody!  This is Bethany's sister, Abigail writing for her!  She has been busy lately and has really not had a chance to "do" a blog post.  So I am just going to tell you all on what has been going on lately and put up some pictures up!
  This morning Bethany hit the ground runnin' early.   She, along with another girl from the Careers Center got chosen to go with their steers to the Beef Expo show this week-end.  They will only be showing on Sunday, but today they have a livestock judging competition there, so she is going to be doing that with a few of the kids that she did livestock judging with last year. So she will be spending the night there and showing her steer in the morning.  I am hoping be going up there to watch her show tomorrow with mom.  Anyway she had to be out of the house by six o'clock and so she had to get up at four o'clock to get done with milking and feeding kids. 
  Our First Lamancha kid was born the other day.  Her mother was very small and so we where thinking that she would only have one kid.  We where also HOPING that it would be a doe and tada, was a single doe kid...yay!  She is sooo cute and has kinda weird coloring it is like a silvery brown color.
                         Bethany's hair in a bunch of tiny braids and Elizabeth's hair before we did the braids
                                       Elizabeth's hair all in braids!  They looks really good on her!

Well, hope you all are having a GREAT week-end!



Jenna said...

Hi Abigail!
Yay, your first blog post:) Was it fun?!

I'm so glad that Bethany got the opportunity to show her steer at the beef expo...sounds like lots of fun, and I hope that you are able to go see her tomorrow:):)

Who had the LaMancha kid - Mindie?? How did the birth go?!?

Jillian is our only doe that will have purebred LaMancha's this year, and she isn't due for another month...needless to say, we can't WAIT!

Love you and Bethany lots, and hope to see you soon!! At least we'll see you next month at GLOM if not before that!


Josh said...

Hey Abigail!
I was surprised to see you here. Way to hold down the fort. Haha! I was wondering who the doe kid was out of, and I also really like the color ;)
Jenna, Abigail and I went to Tom C.'s farm yesterday to help some friends choose their goats. We talked with Tom and Dustin about goats and we practiced showmanship with them. It was great fun!
Hope Bethany has fun at the Beef Expo!


The Myers Family said...

So...will there be an unveiling of B's hair when the braids come out?? :) Miss you all. Good luck tomorrow!

The Myers~

Catherine Anne said...

Thanks for the update~

axlstanley said...

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