Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I forgot to mention one very important detail yesterday.....Miss Emma.  The other evening I came home from Livestock Judging and noticed that Emma was in labor.  This was about 3-4 weeks early so I knew immediately that something was wrong.  She delivered premature, and we're not exactly sure why.  We have had three goats this year abort and we're pretty sure it's due to a toxin in the feed from last year's wet harvest.  However, our heifers have all been on grass and hay this whole winter.  We think it may be from her falling when we dehorned her about a week ago.  However, while her bull calf was dead, but Emma did come into milk (thankfully it was close enough to her due date that the hormones were still strong enough to send her into milk) so we are now milking her.  While we have had a few slight issues because of her being a first freshener (kicking, moving around a bunch, the whole nine yards) she's actually a very nice heifer.  I don't have any pics of her yet, but I'll try to get some once her edema goes down.  Right now, her udder is very large and hard because of it.  So anyway, that's our biggest addition around here. :)

Enjoy your evening!



Heather Nichole said...

You have a lovely blog! Enjoyed visiting it, and seeing the country pictures!

Heather Nichole

Galloping Guitarist said...

Hope Emma is coming around for you. We had a cow calve a bit late. 110 lb calf (Jersey cross cow). The calf was in the birth canal too long, (over night), so it died, the cow prolapsed, and she hasn't gotten up since then (she calved on the 6th of April). Surprisingly she is still very alert and healthy. She just won't/can't get up. Weird.
But, I'm glad your cow is fine. Just keep on milking her. :- ) She'll come around.