Monday, July 19, 2010

Goings On

Okay, so it's been a LONG time since I've last posted and so much has happened!!!  I guess I'll start where I last left off. :)

July 4th we had just come home from a one day show.  We did okay with 2 Reserve Champions and several other decent placings.  We spent the day just chillin' and then hung out with some wonderful friends that evening.  What a great way to celebrate!

July 8-9 I was gone for a Regional Officer retreat called SLCRO.  It was a great time to bond with my fellow officers and get our year planned out.  We've got a great theme and we're totally looking forward to putting on camp next year!!!!  :)

July 10 We went to another one day show in Indiana.  Probably the poorest placings we received all year, but we did have fun.  It was the first show that we went by ourselves, just Abigail, Elizabeth and I.  What a blast!

July 16 Abigail and I competed at the State Livestock Judging contest.  We left at 7:20 A.M. and headed up to Lansing where Abigail competed with her FFA team and I competed with my team from last year in 4H.  Because we won FFA last year and went to Nationals, we couldn't compete again.  We judged 6 classes, Market Hogs, Crossbred Breeding Gilts, Performance Angus Heifers, Market Steers, Yearling Suffolk Ewes, and Market Lambs.  We had to give three sets of reasons (Market Hogs, Heifers and Market Lambs) and one set of questions (Breeding Gilts).   It was rather interesting contest, so we were pretty worried that we weren't going to do so well when we were tallying up our placings.  The FFA team (Abigail and 3 others) ended up 2nd in state!  Way to go!!!  The 4H junior team ended up 1st in state and the 4H senior team (that's me and my team) ended up 1st as well!!!  So we are off to Nationals once again...this time in Louisville!  We'll be competing at the end of November.  As for individual placings, with my reasons and placing scores I ended up 3rd overall in state and in reasons alone I was first!  I was so excited!  I got a 44, 44 and 47 on those, surely one of my best days!  I was also one of the top market lamb reasons, so I was thrilled.  It was a much needed courage booster, so I was thankful for that.

July 18  Mom and Rachel had to work at a dog show for a fundraiser with the 4H dog club.  The rest of us went to church but only stayed for Sunday School, going to shop for a camera afterward.  I am now officially announcing the arrival of my new camera...

So....that's my exciting news for the day. :)  I've been wanting a nice camera for some time and when my old camera broke down and it was time to get a new one.....this is the one I bought!  Anyway....

Tomorrow I will be working in the morning and then taking off for another adventure. :)  I will be heading up to Grand Rapids where I will be spending the night, then getting up and heading off the airport there in GR where I will fly to Washington DC!  I am going there for an FFA Leadership Conference (WLC) and will be there until the 25th.  Hence the reason I bought a new camera. :)  I will be taking LOADS of pictures and should have a fun post when I get back.  Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a great rest of your week!  

Until then,


Jenna said...

Wow my dear friend! That is a busy couple of weeks for you! I was going to call and chat with you for a little bit today, but it sounds like you have to get ready for WA...have fun there and congrats on the new camera!!

Great job with your reasons.

Love you,

The Myers Family said...

Have an awesome time...we will miss you...looking forward to hearing of your adventures!! :)

The Myers' Family

Maggie said...

Wow, you sounds really busy! Horray for the new camera! :-)


Hope Marie said...

Cool!! Im having a giveaway go to to enter.