Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day!  4th of July!  The day America won her freedom in 1776.  Since the Declaration of Independence, Americans have been celebrating this amazing day for 234 years in a row. 

Last evening our family went to a nearby town to watch a beautiful firework display.  The many beautiful colors, primarily red, white, and blue filled the night sky.  The deep and intense sound of fireworks rumbling, hissing and popping filled the air.  We all sat huddled under our blankets in the back of the truck watching, celebrating, enjoying our country's freedom.

In all the celebrating that will happen today, do many people go back and ponder on that day 234 years ago?  Or how our country was  bought with a price?  While watching those fireworks last night, I couldn't help but close my eyes and go back to the Revolutionary War, currently going on in 1776.  I could see men fighting, hear the sound of those cannons as they hurled shells across fields.  I saw the flag, ragged and torn, but still held up as the Americans stood their ground and WON!  Maybe, on this day of celebrating, we don't think too much about the death and destruction, the pain and the price that was paid for our country.  However, we can never forget those who have fought and are fighting to keep this country free.  God bless them all!

Today, I'm going to go celebrate our freedom!  Sing of God's wonders!  Enjoy family and friends, and remember that day when 56 men sat down and signed our Independence, declaring the United States of American, a free nation.

Happy 4th of July!



Joshua said...

Well stated. Freedom is not free and what it cost to gain our freedom was a wide immense pool of bloodshed bodies. Thanks for the picture Bethany.

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Jenna said...

Hi Girl!

This post is beautifully written!

I think that it is very easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day life and forget what others have given so that we can be FREE! And remembering what they did for us, is definitely not something that we should be forgetting...

Thank you for the post - May GOD Bless America!