Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fair time!

Hello folks!  It's been a little while since I last posted and fair is the reason why!  Last Saturday (the 7th) I was busy bringing animals into the fair.  I was at the Careers Center at 7:00 getting my steer ready to load up.  I came home around noon and brought my goats (Thea', Dixie, Callie and Kit) in later in the evening.  Abigail and I watched the Combine Derby and then came home and dropped. :)  Mono sure does make a body exhausted. 

Sunday and Monday we didn't do too much.  I did chores, worked a little with my steer, hung out a little at the fair, that kind of typical stuff.  Tuesday I was up bright and early on the road at 5:45.  Showmanship started at 8:30 and I showed around 9:30.  Unfortunately I didn't make the cut. :(  The market classes didn't start until way later so I grabbed a bite to eat and then took a nap in the tack pen on a bale of hay. :D  My steer took 3rd in his market class so not a bad day.  Hot hot though.  Like really hot.  When I came home I just wanted to take a cold shower, curl up downstairs and watch a movie while eating ice cream.  So that's what I did. :)

Wednesday was the goat show at 4:00 in the afternoon.  I won my showmanship age division and so did Abigail.  I also received Reserve Overall Showman.  I got beat out by the girl in the oldest age division. :/  Our does did well placing the tops of their classes.  Dixie received Overall Grand Champion Dairy Doe and Thea' went Reserve. 

Now we are working on fair projects here.  We are getting the camper all filled up since we are bringing it to Calhoun County fairgrounds tonight.  We bring in crafts/market records on Saturday and animals on Sunday.  At Branch, I have the large animal auction tomorrow and a livestock judging contest on Saturday.  Soooo.....its a little busy! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the summer!  I keep hearing all these back to school ads on the radio.  yikes!  Not that time of the year already!!! :) 



Josie said...

Oh fun! Our Co. Fair ended on the 31st so we're done w/ fair...for now. I hope you all do great and can't wait to see pictures! :D

Maggie said...


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love the fair! Our fair starts Sept 1st. I'm so excited! *gleee* :D

Jenna said...

Your steer is gorgeous, Bethany! I'm glad that he got 3rd for you:) Let me know how the auction goes for you tonight...I love those!!

Will you be squeezing Andrew and Leah's wedding in tomorrow (in the middle of all the craziness?!?).

Love you TONS and am praying that you continue to recover from the Mono. Enjoy the fair week, girl!


p.s. Email me - when you get the chance!

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Anonymous said...

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Maria said...

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