Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shivering, shaking, blankets piled a mile high.  I can't stop the cold that's seeping all the way from my nose to the tip of my toes.  My fingers turn white and I can't stop chattering.  My fever shoots up to 102* or 103* and I turn to take a little more codeine/tylenol.  I go into a serious haze for about an hour, not sleeping and not fully awake.  I fall asleep, a deep sleep very much welcomed. I wake up and hour or two later.  I start sweating, my shirt gets soaked.  My face is red and soaked with sweat.  My fever is finally leaving me.  It goes down to 100*, even goes away fully, or just stays high.  I have about an hour of peace, so I read, get on the internet, or just lie there.  The the chills come on again.  The process repeats itself. throat hurts, I can hardly swallow and it's hard to breath and talk because my tonsils are swollen.  I drink lots of ice cold water and eat lots of ice cream, but it only helps momentarily. 

To make a long story short...I'm sick.  Like really sick.  The main problem with this is that we were planning on going to lake Michigan today to celebrate my Birthday (which is tomorrow).  It was a lovely day...sunny and around 85*.  There was a beautiful sunset that would have been perfect for pictures....but alas it was not meant to happen.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I don't have high hopes for feeling any better.  I'm going early in the morning to the doctor so we can see what's up with the throat.  I really want the tonsils removed...but they probably won't go for it. :/ Anyway.....

Well, so that's been my delightful day.  Hope yours has been more enjoyable. :)



Bethany said...

I'm so sorry you have been sick especially around your birthday and being sick during the summer isn't fun either..feel better soon! I'm praying it passes quickly. Happy 17th!

Jenna said...

Awww Bethany, I am so sorry that you are feeling terrible right now, especially right before a wonderfully planned out birthday:(

I'm praying for you girl and hope that you get better quickly.

Happy 17th Birthday to my best friend <3

Love you tons,

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Oh know! Praying you'll feel better soon Bethany. Hopefully the rest will help. :)

Maria said...

Hey Bethany,
Oh that's awful! I had almost that identical thing last November, and I know, it's awful!

Hope your feeling better!

Also, I would NOT get your tonsils taken out! We considered getting my brothers taken out a couple years ago, since he has Tonsilitis (not sure how to spell that!) a couple times. But as we found out more about it, getting your tonsils out is really really bad for your immune system, and does more harm than good. As my mom says, "your tonsils are like 2 little guards at the entrance keeping most of the bad stuff out."

Again, I hope your feeling better!