Friday, October 8, 2010

Prayer Requests

Everyone seems to be posting prayer requests for sick I'm gonna chime in here and request prayer for Abigail.  If you remember back a few months, I had mono (which by the way, she gave to me).  However, she still has not fully recovered from her bout with it.  She has been having fevers almost every evening, lays around a ton, and just doesn't have her regular energy.  Mom took her to the doctor the other day to see what was up and they said she also now has anemia.  So besides having mono and trying to beat that, she is struggling with getting iron and is exhausted from anemia too.  Soooo.....if you could PLEASE pray for her, that would be such a blessing!

Another prayer request that is going to remain unspoken.  Our family has a potential big change facing us and we really would like to request prayer for wisdom.

Thank you all so much! 

A few pics of my AmAzInG siblings:
 What a boy!
My sweet and beautiful sister. :)
 What a cutie!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Galloping Guitarist said...

I'm praying! That's tough! Hope Abigail gets better soon and that the change in your family goes smoothly. May God be with you all.

Jenna said...

Oh, poor Abigail! That sounds even worse that what I caught...she is in my prayers and I will pray that no one else catches it:)

Sorry that I couldn't talk the other day when you called...but my mom passed on the prayer request and we are all praying.

Call again when you have the time:)
Love you tons!

p.s. The pictures are adorable...Ben is such a character:) So cute!

The Myers Family said...

Awesome pictures...lifting you all up in prayer!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

So sorry to hear that Abigail is still sick. Prayers are coming your way for all that your family needs.

Naomi said...

Wow.. she's having a really rough time!! I hope that she feels better soon. Mono is such a hard one...

Love the pictures of your sibs!! Really cute. :)