Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FFA National Convention!!!

I'm heading to Indianapolis for the FFA National Convention this morning!  I won't be back until Friday afternoon....so it will be a week full of fun and hopefully learning! :)  Have a great week everyone!



Jenna said...

Have a great time at the National Convention, girl! Learn lots - and call me when you get back:)

Love you,

The Myers Family said...

I kinda wish Katie would have gone...she was worried about her chemistry lab or rather missing it. I'm sure you can fill her in on all the fun when you get back. Idk if Abigail told you but there is a fall party at G&G Geese house on Saturday you are welcome to attend. So, something to look forward to on Saturday if you would like!! :) See you soon!!

The Myers'~

Mikah Criis said...

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kisses ....
Mikah Criis

Kendra said...


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