Monday, November 8, 2010


Wow, so much has happened since I last updated and I just totally lost track of this blog.  Sorry peeps!  I am heading off to Lousivile for judging and then that is the end of the chapter in my life and my life will get much less complicated...soo...bare with me these next few weeks and then you can tell me I'm not a good blogger.  :D 

Quick update:

Nationals was amazing.  Great times, great people, great sessions, great workshops, just amazing. 

Elections are over!  As some of you may know, I have been volunteering with several other teens for the "Fix Michigan Center" in our county.  It's been an amazing opportunity to work for our country, learn more about government, and learn to talk on the phone!!!!  haha.  I'm sure I made well over 3000 calls during those few times I was in there.  I will say that I was very pleased to see so many Republicans with this election.  May they bring God glory!

I've got my senior pictures!!!  But I'm not sharing those quite yet until I get them all printed off and start sharing with people........:D

So.....pretty much I've been busy with school, FFA, elections, judging and life.  Thankfully here in a few weeks I will slowing down majorly.  I'll be down to school and FFA.  Yep, got plenty to do there too. :D

I do have a few pictures to share from yesterday however.  The whole family was out cleaning up gardens and all that.  Amazing what a little bit of time will do when you've got lots of willing hands! :)

Abigail weeding. :)

Fall is the best time to split plants to create more flowers!
Dad digging up and planting bulbs.
Jon and Ben cleaning up the garden.
We should have lots of pretty flowers come spring!

So that's a quick update from Asher Acres!  Hope your autumn season is going wonderfully!



The Myers Family said...

Wishing you the best at Louisville with your've worked show them your stuff!!

The Myers'~

devin said...

Greetings! This is Devin and Myah we truly miss you very much. Our life is very good. We live in North Carolina on a marine base with my husband who just got home from over seas. We just want to thank you and your wonderful family for all you have done for me and my daughter. You took us in when we needed you. Your family is very loved. May god bless you!