Sunday, July 20, 2008

Market Projects

This is my market wether from last year. His name was Roosevelt. :)

Hi, my name is Bethany Schreur and I thought I would just give you a little information about myself and my involvement in 4H. I have been involved in 4H for 4 years now in the goat club and for 3 years I was a member of the Tigers Craft Club. This year I was Vice President in Calhoun County Caprine Kids Goat club and joined the Calhoun County Swine club and Homesteaders Craft Club.

My first year in 4H was very limited in what I did. Abigail, Rachel and I all had market wethers which we sold at the fair. We did not do much at the fair but it was nice to not have much there our first year and we learned a lot.

My second year we were a bit more involved, taking a few milkers and other breeding stock. This time only Abigail and I showed market wethers.

My 3rd year(last year) was our most involved year. We took a total of 15 animals and camped the whole week. We tried to do as much as we could with the group and such. All of the 4 oldest showed and sold market wethers. I had a special craft exhibit and sold a market project which was a knitted hat. It was a very exciting(though tiring) week.

This is my 4th year. I have accomplished much since my first year. I have overcome fears from last year and have become more confident. This year I was elected Vice President in the Goat Club. I have tried to do my best in helping the Goat Club improve. I also joined the Swine Club and and homeschooler Craft Club. Both have helped me step out of my comfort zone to talk to others I do not know. With our fair coming up I hope to help everything go as smoothly as possible and make new friends. We will be showing a total of 25-26 goats this year and all of us will be showing market wethers. I will be selling a market project and a market hog as well.

What is a market animal?
A market animal is a animal that an exhibitor raises and sells at the fair. They are responsible for paying to raise their animal and finding buyers for their animals. It helps them to learn how to best raise an animal for market. I have been selling a market animal every year I have been in 4H.

What is a market craft project?
A market craft project is the same as a market animal except that it is a craft. You can sell anything from hats/scarves to jewelry and photography.

Now I would like to ask you to please consider supporting me in the aspect of market projects. I will have a market craft project, a market wether and a market hog. The market wether sells on Wednesday(buyers are served supper), my market hog sells on Friday( the buyers will be served lunch) and my market craft will be sold on Saturday(buyers will be served root beer floats). If you would like to consider supporting me by either buying any of my projects or at least pitching in a little, you can contact me either by email or by leaving a comment.

Thank you

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