Sunday, July 20, 2008

The week of 7/13/08 in review

This is where we swim in the the Harvey's pond! Abigail is in the pink and blue swimsuit and she and I are throwing Rachel off the floating dock!
On the dock from L-R, Rachel, Abigail. In the water from L-R, Ben, Rebekah, Elizabeth. I am way out on the floating dock.
From L-R, Bethany, Abigail, Rachel, Rebekah. Sorry the picture is a little blurry but it is a cool summer photo.

It seems like I just updated yesterday but it has been nearly a week! The past week has passed quickly. I will try to run through it quickly and give you an update.

Sunday- I was up at 3:00 a.m. doing chores so we could leave at 4 for the ADGA National Dairy Goat Show. We actually made it out of the house on time with Dad, Abigail, Rachel, Rebekah and I. By the time we got on the highway all the girls were asleep and I made it to Coldwater(about 20 minutes) and then fell asleep. Dad counted 20 cars and 10 semis from our house to the Indiana border! We got to the show around 9:00 a.m. The intermediate and senior showmanship was just about ready to start so we got to watch that. We knew 3 people in the intermediate class of 32 people! One placed 4th, another placed 6th and another placed 14th. I would have to say that is pretty good, I know I would be thrilled to get 14th! :) We stayed at a hotel nearby that night.

Monday- We went back to the show and stayed while they showed Recorded Grades(till around noon). Then we all loaded up in the car and headed the almost 5 hours home. Nobody slept much on the way home so it was a crazy ride. Stuffed in the back seat of a little escort for 5 hours with legs as long as mine is NOT comfy. :( I was glad to be home. I slept well that night in my own bed!!!!!

Tuesday- We went to work early in the morning and picked as many blueberries as we could. Then I had to help up at the stand till about 1 or so because it was so busy. I usually never have to do that but the whole time there was no stop to the flow of people at the stand and often more than 1 person waiting. Then I had to bail a load of straw. It was starting to warm up but I don't think it reached 90 that day. The humidity wasn't so bad either.

Wednesday- We picked a few blueberries(bad picking)and then Dad came and picked us up to bail our own straw. We got 3 wagon loads and then brought them all home. It was HOT,, 90 degrees. We had some friends over to go over a little goat showing with(they are going to help us at the fair)and then Dad and I put up 2 of the wagon loads into the barns. The other we had to put a tarp on that night because a storm came through.

Thursday- The straw had gotten rained on the night before and we had to pick quite a few blueberries before we could bail. This time I bailed two loads for the Harvey's. It was HOT again and oh so humid. I was miserable on that wagon but managed to not faint from the heat. Dad and Abigail came later and bailed a load of 150 bales for ourselves. It got up to 90 degrees which was only 2 degrees away from the record that was set in 1986!

Friday- Went to work early all by myself becuase everyone else was busy. We usually go with our neighbors but they were cherry picking and Abigail was baking for the farmer's market. I got there around 6:30 and we started out by unloading two wagon loads of straw(the two I had done the day before). As soon as everything was dried out we bailed again! I did two loads again and then dad came and I drove while he stacked another load of 150! It got up to 88 degrees! Then I had to hurry home and babysit for a neighbor. I slept hard and deep that night!

Saturday- I did most of my saturday cleaning and took the rest of the day off! I took a total of 4 naps during the day and just took it easy. We all did chores early and went to Rural King(right in Indiana)and stopped at their fair that was currently up and running. It is so tiny, no carnival rides, very peacefull and to top it all of, it it right on a lake!

Sunday- That is today! Well, I need to start shaving goats for the 1 day show this weekend and work on getting all that together.

Till next time!

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