Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fox in the Henhouse

We have been have fox problems for the last several weeks and have been losing chickens faster than you can believe. I think we lost about 10-15 chickens just to one fox! Anyway, we had seen him only two times, heard commotion by the chickens several times, set out traps and......yet we never were able to get him. But a few mornings ago we were eating breakfast at about 6:30 and I saw him trying to get into the chickens. We had just moved them to a different, more secure pen so he was having a little trouble getting into them. I called Dad and told him to grab a gun. He ran and grabbed my 20 gauge and ran towards the pasture that the fox was in. The fox had run off a little and didn't see Dad running towards him. Actually Dad didn't even know where the fox was and didn't see him until about 3 seconds before he fired! He got him with the first shot which was good, because my gun is only a single shot! So, here is the picture of the fox after we had shot it and brought it up to the house. We were able to get several of the little girls up by running through the house saying that we had gotten the fox. (Actually it was the talk of the neighborhood for a day or so, you know, not many people are firing guns at 6:30 in the morning! :))

I have not updated in about a week because of computer problems. Our computer just shut down for a while and nobody was able to access anything. Now it is all fixed and we are able to get back on track with updates.

I probably won't be updating for the next few days since we are going to have company over till Saturday. After that I will let you all know what our 4th of July was like. Meanwhile, I am hoping that I will get good feedback on yours! Just remember what Independence Day is all about. It is not about parades, candy, hot dogs and fireworks. It is about celebrating our freedom as a country. Be proud of it!


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