Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do I have ANY news?

I am sure everyone has given up on me posting anything on this blog! Sorry guys! Not much interesting has been going on here though, so I am not even quite sure what I will tell you all about. Well, lets see, about a week ago we bought a new LaMancha buck from Autumn Acres. He is just a kid from this year but he is MASSIVE! I think we will certainly be able to add a good amount of size using him. We did not breed any of our does this year with him, but next year all of the LaMancha does will be bred to him. I am really excited about this years kidding season as I think we are going to get some beautiful kids and FINALLY see udders on the kids born in 2008! But that is still months away.....starting in late January and last one should go in mid-march. It is going to be a long drawn out process, but hey, we are freshening 19 or 20!!!! Oh, and unfortunately my Boer doe kid from this spring got in with my Alpine buck, so we are going to be some cross babies. Oh well, what can I do about it? She is plenty big enough and I am not worried about it. On to other news, um.....lets see......schoolwork? That is hardly news. Um......not much going on here, can you tell? :) Oh, I just thought of something!!! We butchered 2 cows, Belle and Daisy. So, if anyone wants grassfed beef, we have plenty for sale! We actually had to go out and buy another freezer. We are all set for winter with 2 chest freezers full of beef, 1 chest full of chicken and pork 1 upright full of fruits and vegetables, 1 refrigerator freezer of jam and 1 of stuff(yeah, like all the stuff you are supposed to have in freezers, like ice cream, etc.), a whole pantry full of 500 quarts of canned goods plus all of the other pantry items(beans, rice, wheat berries and then other not so healthy items like chocolate bars and hamburger helper that someone gave us).
Well, I guess that is enough for now. If I think of something, I will try to post it. Sorry for not posting any pictures this time, I am on my laptop and I don't have any pictures on it.
TTYL(Talk To You Later)!

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