Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

I am thankful for:

Mornings(I love mornings)

Adoption in Christ
Kids(both human and animal!!)
Family & freedom
United States of America

With Thanksgiving here, I thought I would post a few things I am thankful for. I also have a thought for you all, why do we only really talk about things we are thankful for on Thanksgiving? Shouldn't we always be thanking God for all He has done for us? He sent His only son to die for us and Jesus rose again so that we may be saved! Isn't that something to be thankful for?

So what are you thankful for Thanksgiving? Leave a comment and let us know! There is so much to be thankful for here in America. We are so blessed here. We have freedom which not too many countries have. We have family around us. We have the ability to travel and see family far away. These are just a few. So today, just take a moment with your family around you and each say a few things you are thankful for.

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Jenna said...

Some of the things that I am thankful for:

-Jesus dieing on the cross to save me from my sin
-my family!
-being able to live in the USA
-even though it's really tight at our house, the LORD PROVIDES...I'm reminded of that daily.
-our farm:)
those are just a few! Happy Thanksgiving~