Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One of the good things about having company!

Thanksgiving is at our house this year and the cleaning frenzy has begun! I thought I would post a few pictures of our cleaning day here at Asher Acres. Just for your information, this happens every time the whole family comes....either Mother's day or Thanksgiving. It is what I call spring and fall cleaning. Hey, whatever gets this house cleaned is great! As you see in the pictures, it was quite a mess, high time for a good cleaning!
I am going to post a few more pictures of before and after!

Just FYI, this took about 4 hours to clean, so yeah, it's not always to perfect looking.*roll eyes*
This is another after cleaning photo. You should have seen it before!
Mom in the process of cleaning the kitchen.
Doesn't Abigail look excited!!! Book shelve cleaning time.


Bethany said...

I really HATE that picture of me! Everybody that is not what I really look like. I was just being weird!

Your sister, Abigail

Bethany said...

Sorry, but since I write the blog, I get to post the pictures! Plus, that pictures completely sums you up!