Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show pictures!

So you are probably wondering how the show went. It was awesome. We managed to get to the show around 5:00 pm after our van (with the hitch) broke down and managed to get itself into a hard-to-fix situation. We had to borrow our neighbors truck, but thankfully all went well and nothing else broke down. We got all set up in the barn and at about 6:00 our friends arrived! It was lots of fun getting everybody bedded down and milked the first night. We didn't milk everyone, just those there for the milk test, which by the way were Gatlin, Hannah, Missy and Mandie. I didn't get the exact weights that they milked out but I do think they'll all pass. I'll let you know when I get those results. We were very happy with the placings we got both Saturday and Sunday.

Goat's Name Sat. Sun.

Candie 3rd 2nd
Lulu 3rd 2nd
Hannah Not Shown 1st
Dixie 5th 3rd
Sunny 4th 4th
Thea 9th 7th
Tea 2nd 1st
Gala 1st 2nd
Alithia 4th 4th
Mandie Not Shown 5th
Movie 8th 6th
Treasure 4th 8th
Honey 4th Not Shown

Abigail, Jenna and Josh sitting at the show on Sunday morning. Can't you tell they all just woke up? hehe!
I love this picture! Jenna and Anna putting the pens back together.
This is where all the 2 legged kids played all weekend! They had a blast here. :)
Jenna, Tenn, Mandie and I in showmanship.
Another of my favorite pictures I took over the weekend! I think this turned out really well.
Elizabeth right after winning peewee showmanship! Good job girl!
Ben ummmm......doing whatever to Thea after showmanship.
Mrs. Regan, Jenna, Abigail and I showing our Lamancha doe kids.
Me showing Tea. She won first place in her class here.
Elizabeth showing Thea in her breed class.
Candie being shown. She placed very well in my personal opinion.
Everyone just chatting between shows.
Little Laura enjoyed the show too...........most of the time! ;)
Abigail showing Gala! She's in first place here! We were totally thrilled.
Abigail and Jenna making supper on the tack box in the barn. Roughin' it. Sorry the picture isn't very clear. The barn was SO dusty since all the floors are sand. The camera lense got dusty. :(

I'll be posting some more pictures of the goats later on. I'll let you all dwell on these for now, then post pics of the parade.....then come the goat pictures. Hope you all like pictures.

Enjoy your day!


J.J. Biddinger said...

Looks like fun! :D

Rebecca said...

*laugh* I had no idea until just recently that you knew Jenna! :) Funny-- I "met" both of you through Nature Friend magazine..

Josh said...

Great pics! What a fun weekend, wouldn't you agree? It was so nice to have a like minded family -not to mention wonderful friends- at the show that we could mingle with. And by the way, I am already anticipating the next show!!!


Joshua said...

Great pics. I am glad that the show went well and everyone enjoyed it. I bet it was a lot of fun. :)

Your brother in Christ,
Joshua :)

Jenna said...

You got some wonderful pictures Bethany!! Great job!

Our whole family REALLY enjoyed our time with you at the goat show...showing goats with our dear friends was awesome:)

I Love you Bethany! Have a great weekend!

Your friend,

Bethany said...

Congrats on the show! All your goats are very beutiful.