Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day and Parade

I would like to begin by thanking the many men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country and sacrificing their lives for our liberty.  Without the service of all of you, we would not be here today.  I enjoy American history and am just amazed at the strength, honor and courage our forefathers had, to fight so long and hard for our freedom.  A shout out to all those who are entering the armed forces, thank you thank you thank you!  I have several cousins and friends who are joining and I am so proud and thankful for every one of them. 

Our family annually participates in the town Memorial Day parade.  This is a parade where there are more people participating IN the parade than watching. :)  Ahh, in a small town of just barely 700, the Memorial Day parade has always been the main event of the year.  It doesn't take much for us to all get excited.  Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite pictures!

Abigail on Hoss.  They won 1st place in the Riding Horse division.

Ben and a few of our puppies. (I'm pulling them)
The ending of the parade!!!  I think it's so neat how they finish up with Abigail holding a flag on the horse.  So all-American. :)
The most memorial event was not photographed, the thunderstorms.  Right after we all arrived at the cemetery where they have a little service, you could see the storm clouds rolling in and feel the wind picking up.  The girls decided to head right home since they had ridden their horses into town and we didn't have a trailer big enough for all three.  It wasn't 10 minutes later that things started getting pretty nasty and everyone took off for their vehicles.  Dad went to go tell the girls to turn around, Mom went for the car so we could have somewhere dry for all the puppies and we all stayed put hoping we wouldn't get poured on. :D  It was just starting to really come down when Mom came back with a car to pick up as many as she could and Dad brought the girls/horses back.  They just held out there waiting for the rain to subside.  A wonderful lady/friend took some of us home while mom brought some other friends to their house.  Yeah, it was kinda crazy.  Anyway.....that's how that all went.

BTW, I hope to post on our latest show tomorrow. 

God's blessing to you all!



Jenna said...

Sounds like a special tradition:)

It was great seeing you all this past weekend!

Love you,

The Myers Family said...

Never without an adventure!! :)

The Myers'~

Regan Family Farm said...

Glad you all had a good time, and congratulations! Give your mom a hug for me, please.
Mrs. Regan