Tuesday, June 1, 2010

GLOM show

Well, here's the latest show update!  We were hoping to head out of town around 4:00-4:30 and get to the show nice and early.  Amazingly, didn't' happen.  (yes that was sarcastic. lol)  Okay, so we hit the road around 6:00 and were on the road for about a 1/2 hour and we had a tire blow.  Yay!!!  No, we didn't have a spare (had been meaning to get one for a while) so we had to go into town to get one.  Mom and I got the trailer jacked up while Dad and Abigail headed into town.  We were back on the road within and hour, so it wasn't so bad.  HOWEVER, I was scheduled to help with a fitting/showing clinic at 8:00 and it at least another hour to the fairgrounds.  So....that was kinda outta the picture. :P  Ahh well.  We managed to get there all in one piece, settle down in pens (right next to friends!!!) and get ready for the show.  We got to bed around 11:00 and boy did it feel good to sleep!!!

Sat. A.M. we were up early getting our Alpine does ready for the show.  They went in with Thea' placing 1st, Gala placing 2nd and Alithia placing 3rd.  Gala ended up with a Reserve Champion as well, so that was exciting!  We later on had 2 Recorded Grades, our yearling Honey placed 3rd and Hannah placed 2nd with another Reserve Champion!  Immediately following the Senior Doe show, Abigail and I participated in a fitting contest!  This was the first year and there were 3 teams that competed.  We ended up with 1st!  I was so excited.  The team that got 2nd was our dear friends and we are heading to Nationals in just a few weeks where we will be competing as well in Fitting.  It was a great warm up!  After that, we went into the Junior doe show where we did decent.  We didn't pull out any Grands or Reserves, but got several good placings. At the close of the Jr. doe show, we went right into Showmanship where Ben won his age division, Josh and Elizabeth placed in the top 5, and I placed in the top 5 (in our age groups).  The  rest of them all did quite well too.  We sat up for a long time that evening with several other teens talking about lots of awesome things such as dating, where we will spend eternity, the way we were raised, some of the things we've learned in life, and all that fun stuff.  It was very encouraging!

Sun. morning we went right back to it with Gala winning 3rd in Futurity, 1st in her class and Reserve Champion.  Alithia placed second and our yearling Thea' also placed 1st.  Our Recorded Grades didn't fill up well and didn't do as well as we'd hoped.  Hannah still won her class and Honey placed 3rd.  Our kids did pretty well with Kit placing 2nd, Marta 4th, Alexia 2nd, Harmony 6th and True 1st!  True ended up winning Grand Champion, so that was exciting.  We stayed for BIS, but didn't win..  She got beat out by a BEAUTIFUL Sannan though.  We arrived home around 6:30 and were happy to be home safe and sound.  So that's kinda the jist of all that!

Enjoy a few pictures!

Abigail showing Honey.
Fitting Competition!
1st place team!
Elizabeth showing her 1st doe kid for the 1st time.  Beautiful Alexia.  She did well and was up against some stiff competition.
Ben after winning peewee showmanship!
What a good lookin' bro.
Rachel in showmanship.

Have a wonderful day!



Jenna said...

It was soooooo wonderful to see you there, get to chat with the teens at night, remember all kinds of memories:), prepare goats together and on and on!!

Can't wait to go to Nationals with you...the whole week should be great fun but I especially can't wait to do the fitting contest with ya:)

Great job with all your placings too!

Love you lots,

The Myers Family said...

Must have been that clipping?!?! :)
Don't think I like those coveralls you have to wear for competition...looks hot! I like the shorts and barefeet!

The Myers'

Maggie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I loved looking at the pictures!

It's Maggie from Behind the Teen Scene, I started a new blog called Bliss. I would love if you stopped by my new blog and followed me.


Josh said...

It was awesome seeing you at the show. What great times! It is so much fun to wake up early, go to the barn, and prepare the does for the show, Share a tack "pen" etc.

Talking with the other teens was really a great thing (even though we were assulted by rock hurling, adversaries)! I was encouraged also...

Can't wait to go to Nationals with you all!