Saturday, September 25, 2010

....Beginning of Autumn

Autumn is at last upon us.  As a family we went to a local orchard and picked over 230 pounds of apples.  Hopefully enough for applesauce or the winter!  Picking apples every year is a family tradition that I hope never ends.
Yesterday was a beautiful evening for our excursion.  Note:  these pictures are all courtesy of my sister.  My camera batteries died. :(
Beautiful mother picking apples!
Ben's havin' fun!
Field view from the orchard.
This would be me. :)
Ok, these are my pics with her camera. I thought they just turned out so cool!
All of us kiddos!
Abigail <3 I!
Dad <3 Mom!
Youngest to oldest.  Another family tradition...this picture.  We have a few of the framed on our walls.

Sisters <3

May you all enjoy the blessings of fall!



Jenna said...

Hey Dear Bethany,

You and Abigail captured some fantastic pictures while picking apples!

Way to go on all those apples - we've canned 4 bushels of applesauce so far, but need to get way more:) Love your family tradition of picking apples, too.

Love you soooooo much<3:)

The Myers Family said...

Looks like fun!