Wednesday, September 22, 2010

End of summer.....

Who doesn't love a good country rodeo?

Monday evening I took several of my siblings to a rodeo about an hour away from here at a county fair.  It's interesting to sit back and watch guys get thrown from crazy bulls who had only one thought in their heads.....rid themselves of the monster on their back and keep them from riding again.  Thankfully there were no serious injurious and just lots of good fun.  

Summer is officially over (ok...@ 11:09 pm tonight) and things are winding down into normality here.  Whatever that is.  My days are pretty much the same...wake up at 5:30 to do chores, leave for school at 7:45, leave school at 11:10 for Careers Center (which gets out at 2:35, but I stick around to do homework), go pick up Rebekah at 3:35 and head home (getting there at 4:00).  Then chores around 4:30 or 5 and evening activity (whether is church, making phone calls for the local Republican Center, school something, or whatever else comes up.  Bed around 9:30 if possible. :)  Weekends....Sat. livestock judging and and chilin'!!!! :)

Anyway....hope everything is well!  Does anyone have any ideas on posts?  As you may have noticed.....I've kinda died off lately. :P



Jenna said...

Hey Girl!!

It's *so* good to hear from you:) You are super busy right now, aren't you?? I've really enjoyed chatting with you when you call after school...THANK YOU!!!

As for post ideas - I'm kind of dry on my blog too hehe:) ...but I'd love to hear about anything that's happening in your life...whatever the Lord has laid on your heart etc.:)

Love you bunches and hope that I can see you sometime SOON despite your busy schedule~


Galloping Guitarist said...

I'm in the same pickle as you as far as the posts go. :-P Noami has done a couple on quotes... Might be something to try. I'm hoping to do a few book reviews, sometime, when I get done reading the books. :-) Movie reviews?? As maybe you can tell, I've been trying to brainstorm this problem. I think I'm soon going to write a post on how much I hate fruit flies. LOL! They are driving me insane. :-P)

The Myers Family said...

How about a picture review...of all the canning items, fall colors, harvest in session, the local combine with the 45' draper head, those kinds of things.

See you soon!