Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School time!

School has begun for most schools now.  Life has also mildly changed for me.  As in....I'm going to a public school this year. :)  My parents decided that it would be the best thing for me to go to our local public school and take Algebra II, World Literature, and Chemistry.  I start my classes at 8:05 A.M and get out 10:45.  I then go for lunch and head straight to the Career Center.  Those classes start at 11:50 and get out at 2:35.  Then I have 55 minutes to hang out in town before I go pick up Rebekah from school who gets out at 3:30.  She is going to a private school about 5 min. away from the Career Center so it works well for me to pick her up.  I then get home right around 4:00.  Then I have about an hour to relax or do homework before chores, then supper, then evening activities whatever it may be, then bed!!!! :)  Best thing about this year....I'm a senior!!  Last year!!!  Woohoo!!! :)

Anyway....hope all of you school goers are enjoying your new school year!  If you are homeschooled, have you started yet?  I know the homeschooled ones here are just getting ready.  :)  Don't you love that relaxed schedule?  :)


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The Myers Family said...

We love, love, love, your new pictures. They are great! Hope we see you soon!

The Myers'~