Friday, May 1, 2009

Giveaway @ Feminine Farmgirl!

Jenna @ Feminine Farmgirl is hosting a giveaway! She is giving away a book titled "Rebekah's Diary" from No Greater Joy Ministries. This is what she wrote on her blog about the book:

Rebekah Anast (Pearl) wrote this diary while she was witnessing to the people of Papua New Guinea starting in July of 1995. It is encouraging, funny, inspiring, and real! Here is the introduction:
Rebekah is the oldest child of Michael and Debi Pearl. Her
homeschool days were continually interrupted with the busy
atmosphere of a home dedicated to serving God and others. She
grew up seeing the power of God at work transforming the lives of
broken sinners.
At seventeen, having never been away from the protective
environment of a loving home, she boarded a plane with several
other young people and went to South America where she
witnessed the power of God transforming the lives of primitive
tribal people. She would never be the same. The following year,
selling the family cow to raise the last of the money, the Pearls sent
their eighteen-year-old daughter to Papua New Guinea. Eight
weeks later she came home with a heaven born vision. She would
go to linguistic school to learn to translate Scripture into the
language of a primitive tribe.
After three years of preparation and much prayer, she
boarded a plane for the Madang region of Papua New Guinea. She
did not go out under a mission board. She was sent out by her local
church. Her eighteen-year-old brother, Gabriel, went along as her
“protector.” During their four week trip, God led them to the
Kumboi people. They returned to the U.S. so she could get an
extended visa and make preparation for residency in P.N.G.
She soon returned to the Kumboi. This time, with her
seventeen-year-old brother Nathan went along as her assistant.
After three months, he came home, leaving her alone on the top of
a mountain among tribal people where no white person had ever
been. She had no support team, and for the first few months, she
had no communication with the outside world. There are no roads
to the village. The only way in or out is a six hour hike from a
primitive bush air strip. This is her diary, as she wrote it, from the heights and
depths of service to her God.

This book isn't a "girls only " read! It is encouraging for all ages of a family, but even more as they get older.

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