Wednesday, May 6, 2009


....and I mean seriously, crazily, oddly random. These are just a few pictures I took over the weekend.

We were dog-sitting one of our puppies from the Christmas batch Sat/Sun. He is getting SO big! Pallo is only about 6 months old and look how massive he is! You can't really see how big his feet are....but they are HUGE!
Cutie Pie Pallo.
Cutie Pies Elizabeth AND Pallo.
Folks....this is horrible. We either keep too many chickens, buy too much chicken stuff or don't keep tabs on our chicken supplies well. I mean how many chicken feeders/waterers does one need? :)
MORRELLS! It's mushroom time! We actually found these in our hayfield. hehe!

Well, have a great evening!


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Jenna said...

Hey Bethany!
I REALLY like your new background and picture:) Gorgeous!!
Miss you dear friend, but Lord willing I'll see you in 11 days .grin.

Love you,