Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update and Prayer Request

Have you all wondered where I have gone?
U R My Sunshine getting ready for the shaving experience!
All finished up and pretty lookin'! :)
Top Notch before the shaving. She is the doe I bought this spring.
Shaving Top's legs. These can be tricky since they love to move around a bunch.
Almost done!
Alithia's doe kid Anthea before.....
.....and after! Thea was such a hairy little thing!

So that's what's been keeping me busy besides working at Harvey's. We only have a few more day 'till the show so things are getting busy here. I'll try to keep you updated on how our preparations are coming. :)

Oh, and a quick prayer request. We have a friend who was admitted into the hospital and found out that her left kidney is shutting down and will need splints and they are awaiting results from a cat scan as they are worried about brain tumors. So please pray for Angie S.

In Christ,


Rachel M. said...

Neat pictures!

I will definitely be praying for Angie S:

Abba Father,
Our Daddy, our Fortress where we as Your children can come to You at any time of day and talk with You. Thank You Jesus. Father, I lift Angie S up to You. Nothing is impossible for You. You are our Great Physician and can do mighty things. Please heal Angie S from all that she has gone through. Father, You know each one of her needs. Surround her and her family with Your love and rejoice over them with Your singing. Thank You Father. In His most powerful and glorious Name we ask, amen.

Josh said...

I think you're alot faster at shaving the goats than I am. But, it will come. The does look great and I can't wait to see them at the show!

I will certainly be praying for Angie S.

In Christ,

Regan Family Farm said...

Your babies look great! See you all soon~

Jenna said...

The goats look great, Bethany! See you tomorrow!!!

I will be praying for Angie S. Keep us updated~

Your friend,

Besh said...

Very pretty Alpines! :) I just love how they look all clipped and prettied up.