Tuesday, January 12, 2010

300th post!

Well folks, here is my 300th post!  Hope you can learn a little bit more about me through it!

Question from The Myers Family:
"Where do you see yourself five years from now?"
Answer from Bethany:
This is a tough question to start out with but a great one nonetheless.  I know little of my future (for God holds it all in His hands) and I have left it up to Him.  In my dreams, I can see myself married, with a job in agriculture or already doing the wonderful job of being a mother.  Yet, if that is not God's will for me, then these dreams will change as he unveils His plans for me in my life.

Question from Kelsey Anne Hoppman:
"I've always wondered how many of your siblings are foster. Are any of them adopted?"
Answer from Bethany:
I currently have a total of seven siblings.  :)  Three of them are biological, two are adopted from Ukraine, and two are foster siblings.  The foster boys have been in our home since September.  We really have no idea as to how long they will be here.  We have had 4 foster girls previous to these two boys.

Question from Emily
"When did you first get goats? What made you like goats?"

Answer from Bethany:
My parents got our first goats about five months before I was born.  Since then, there has only been one year that we didn't have goats.  I guess being raised with them made me enjoy them so much, but really, showing is what makes me love them!  I love the challenge of breeding to get the quality that is needed or just getting them all ready for a show. 

Question from Bethany's Dad (which would be my Dad!)
"Most people quote Ephesians 6:1 which says "Children obey your parents in the Lord". What do you think "Children, obey your parents in all things"(Col 3:20) means for a 16-20+ year old single person?"
Answer from Bethany:
 For a young single person, this verse means exactly what it says......"Children obey your parents in all things".  The only time this wouldn't apply is if the parents are instructing something clearly against God's will.  Then the individual should follow God's leading.

Question from Katrina:
"What's your preference--cows milk or goats milk?  Which is your favorite goat breed?"
Answer from Bethany:
I actually am not a big milk drinker (can you imagine?  you would think with all the milk we have.....) but goat milk is way easier on my stomach.  I've had several bouts lately where I get stomach cramps after a milk shake or a bowl of cold cereal. 
As for my favorite goat breed?  I'll have to go with Alpines.  I love their personality (which is energetic and yet so sweet) and they are great milk producers!  So pretty too. :)

Question from C. Nottingham
 "What do you think is God's eternal purpose for your life?"
Answer from Bethany:
God's eternal purpose for my life is to follow and serve Him all the days of my life and to spread the good news of salvation to those around me.  This is the same for each and every child of God.

Question from the Music Maiden:
"I want to know your answer about women in the political realm."
Answer from Bethany:
For the most part, women remain in the home caring for their family and loved ones.  God has ingrained this instinct into them.  Yet, if God calls them into the political realm, then by all means that is where they belong.  Look at Deborah, Huldah or Anna in the Bible?  They were given "political" positions by God.   Yet, if a woman who is not called by God to go into that field, they are sinning.

Question from Living4Jesus:
"How many acres do you live on and what kinds of animals do you have other then goats and cows?"
Answer from Bethany:
We live on 30 acres, but we also rent two six acre fields that we make hay on.  Besides goats and cows (both dairy and beef steers), we have egg layers, 3 horses (a POA, a quarter horse, and an appaloosa), Labrador Retrievers, and barn cats.

Question from Rachel M:
"What is your favorite meal?  What is your favorite activity?"
Answer from Bethany:
Hmmm, tough choice!  I love pretty much any type of meat, so something like BBQ ribs or some steak would probably hit the top of the list.  As for my favorite activity......showing and judging!  I love the show ring and learning how to present animals to their best and judging is just the greatest!  Learning about quality animals and what to see in them is really really neat. 

Question from Ashley:
"What are your biggest 3 dreams in life? If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Do you like snakes?"
Answer from Bethany:
Three biggest dreams in my life:  #1. To love and serve God to the best of my ability.  #2. Get married and have a huge family. :)  #3. Be a farm manager.  Career-wise, that's the route I'd like to take.  If I could go anywhere....I would probably head west right now.  I'd like to see the wide open fields that I only hear about, and see the beauty of God's creation.  I do hope to get out there someday!  Snakes?  I LOVE snakes!  I think they are some of the coolest critters.  At work once, I saw a garter snake eat a little frog.  It was pretty neat. :D  And yes, I love teasing guys who hate snakes.  


Bethany's Dad said...

Looks like you are livin' the dream. You are in a big family, you do a lot of managing of the farm, and have the opportunity to be serving and loving God. Hopefully we can get out west soon.

Eldarwen said...

CONGRATULATIONS, BETHANY! =D I am almost to my 300th post, and I'm so excited!


Jenna said...

Way to go on three HUNDRED posts, my friend! I love your blog and look forward to seeing your posts on my dashboard:D

I love your answers to Ashley - of course you knew that, but your first, second and third answers are exactly what I would have said!!! Bringing Glory to Jesus, and the dream of being a wife and mother as well as having some awesome LAND in the west ... God is good and faithful! He knows the dreams of my heart and better yet what His perfect plan is for me!!

I love you and can't wait to see you this weekend...maybe we can chat in the morning?!

*Big Hug*:)

The Myers Family said...

What an awesome blog. Thanks for answering all the questions so well. I loved all the questions and the answers. Well maybe not all of them. I never thought of you as a snake person. But I won't hold it against you. : )

The Myers~

J.J. Biddinger said...

Happy 300th post, Bethany!

Katarina said...

"can you imagine? you would think with all the milk we have....."

Yes, I can believe it! lol As I am living on a goat dairy in Texas and do not like milk at all (never have) goat's milk is really the only stuff I can drink, but only in small quantities.

"And yes, I love teasing guys who hate snakes."

Glad to know I'm not the only one who does that. lol

Thanks for sharing your life with us!