Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well folks, so here's the story. :)  Last Monday night I woke up with a TERRIBLE earache.  I was just writhing in pain and I'm usually pretty pain tolerant.  After my parents put a whole bunch of drugs into me, I finally fell asleep but woke up in the morning still in pain.  So, my mom brought me into the doctor to get everything checked out.  However, by this time all those drugs were working beautifully and I fell asleep the car on the way to the doctor, in the doctor's office, on the way home from the doctor, on the couch all afternoon and in bed early again. :)  My eardrum had ruptured and I was getting a bunch of drainage (blood and puss type stuff) out of my ear.  Now over a week later, my ear is still pretty plugged up and I still get lots of drainage and I can barely hear out of my right ear.  :P  Anyway, so then I was given a shot (1 gram is one big shot, let me tell ya) and put me on some beautiful antibiotics which made me sick all week.  So yeah, that was kinda miserable.  I'd take in the morning, get really nauseated, and then by that evening I'd be fine. 

Well, I was pretty much better by Friday, so we headed out of town on Saturday to visit our wonderful friends! :)  What a blast we had, playing games, eating food, talking, doing our regular sit ups/push ups/weird exercises like we usually do, and just enjoyed being together!  I'm so thankful for that family! :)  It was also my mom's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  I love you!

This week has been busy already.  Monday there was no school, so Abigail, a friend and I went into town to the BACC (where I take classes) and worked on our FFA leadership contest: Ag Issues.  Our ag issue is the use of antibiotic use in livestock.  There is a bill that is trying to ban the use of subtheriputic antibiotic use in livestock and many farmers are against it.  However, many people want this bill passed.  We are supposed to show both sides of the story.  Anyway, so after working on that all morning, we came home and I cleaned a few pens out in the barn and went through all of our kidding equipment in the licenced kitchen.  This time of year, that kitchen becomes the "milk room" and I spend tons of time in there. :P  Everyone else went out and cut wood.  We are getting a whole bunch of wood in right now and it's great to see our woodshed filling up. 

Yesterday we had school, I had an orthodontist appointment and we went and worked on ag issues again!  We are about halfway with the script!!!  Today: School and there is a mock contest for the leadership contests.  A few of us are going to go and just watch since we are quite ready to be presenting ours in a contest yet. So that's kinda what's up for that area.

Farm stuff:
Okay, we have about 4 weeks before our babies really begin arriving.  My gilt is due the 14th of February and we are going to start having kids right around the same time.  So, we are starting to get everything around for all of that.  I made a list of all the stuff I need in the "milk room" for now.  I'll post that so you can get idea of what I'm talking about. :)

Stuff to get done before kidding
1. Get all pulsators in good working order. (we have 3 that aren't working and 1 that kinda works)
2. Put in hangers for new inflations.
3. Purchase new hose for all milk equipment.
4. Change thermostat on one of the pasteurizers.
5. Drill holes for a new nipple bucket feeder.
6. Weld together new bucket holder.

I am drying of Violet and our last goat (Mandie) so the milking season is over for a short time. This gives me more time to work on getting ready for babies.  I do need to get a farrowing crate yet for my gilt, so that's what I'm focusing on right now. 

Hope I didn't just bore you to death. :)  Just keeping you all updated!



Jenna said...

Hi Bethany!

Thanks for the update! I am so glad that you are feeling better. What a dear blessing from the Lord.
I also want to wish your mom a very happy (belated) birthday! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

It doesn't sound like having a ruptured eardrum is fun at all! Do you have any idea what caused it?
Hope you completely recover soon!
God Bless Bethany,

PS: Don't worry, I wasn't bored reading your post. :)

Jenna said...

Hi Bethany~
It was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME to have you all over...I am SOOOOOO glad that worked out:) I can only go so long without talking to you in person lol!!

I'm praying that your ear continues to heal, my friend...feel better soon!

Ahh...your list inspired me! I need to write a list myself and do several of the things that you have to do, including that kid feeder;) Only doing the bottles for a few days.

Love you girl, and I hope that your skit goes well. Great subject.