Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teens for Orphans

I just wanted to help announce the release the new website of Teens 4 Orphans International!!!  Head on over to teens4orphans.org to learn more about this wonderful challenge presented by a fellow teen. 

In Christ,

P.S.  Have any of you had any problems reading my posts?  I've had some say that my posts won't load up.  Anyone else having problems with this?


Jenna said...

Alrighty, I think that I'm just not being patient enough for your posts to come up;D If I pull up your blog and then do something else while I wait for it to come up, it works!! Maybe my computer is just slow.


goatmilker said...

I can read them fine.

Anonymous said...

It seemed like it was slow for a while, but it is going ok now.

Living4Jesus said...

Yeah, I've been having the same problem...sometimes the posts come up and sometimes they don't. ??? Like Jenna, I've had to leave it for a few minutes b4 your posts will load. OTOH, I've waited for a long time and still nothing would come up! Not sure what's going on?!