Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alpine Junior Doe Show

Another update from Louisville!  Today was the Junior doe show where we showed our 5 junior does.  We have 1 intermediate kid, 3 senior kids and 1 dry yearling.  The class size ranged from 33 to 37.  Our intermediate didn't make the cut (top 20) but two of our senior kids (Alexia and Athena) did.  The ended up 16th and 19th.  My dry yearling (Ali) was in the biggest class and ended up making the cut and placing 11th.  Very excited about that!  We also competed in two group classes...Best 3 Junior Does and Junior Get-Of-Sire.  In both (classes of 13 and 9) we placed 5th.  Very happy with the outcome! We are just really 4 years into having quality show dairy goats and we know that we have a ways to go and are excited we've come as far as we have. 

Here are just a few pics of the day!
Waiting to show our junior does!
Ali in her class.
5th place Get-of-Sire.
5th place Best 3 Junior does.


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